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D.I.E - Episode 25
Note: I was going to do the happy ending screencaps too but then I thought I got too much screencaps for this already so I couldn't be bothered and besides there's alot of the other one if I really do screencaps

The Sad Ending
Roger and Sonija were planning to get married, they tried on the wedding dress and etc. When they went outside, Sonija saw 'Da Hal Ying' She chased after him and caught him. But then, the blocker for blocking teh truck from moving has gone and then Sonija and 'Da Hal Ying' was there and nearly got crashed, luckily Roger creamed to tell Sonija to move, they moved and were safe but then the truck moved towards Roger's side.

There wasn't enough time to move I guess, so he rolled over at a car and luckily was safe too. But unforunatly...

Roger and Sonija was walking towards each other and Roger got crashed by a car, he got run over badily!!
They were at the hospital, Sonija was saying why he got crashed and etc. She said why wasn;t it her because Kitty Yeung said it will be Sonija but Roger. Then they showed us why. Roger went to see Kitty Yeun and then he just suddenly saw her in heaven and Kitty Yeun told him, the only way that you can go with Sonija is 'One Life repay one life' So Roger used his life to save Sonija and then he died.

Sonija then had a son, obviosuly Roger's, they took the baby to see him, the baby touched Roger's picture from the grave and then he had that kinda thing Roger used to have.

My Comments: I think it was a really pity that Roger died in the series, even though he didn't really die in real life but it just makes me feel really pity for him. The ending was so bad after all. They all seem happy. Hope they will make a sequel! ;)

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