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The Four - Episode 13 SK Review
Ling Lok Sek bombed the ship that Raymond, Ron, Kate and Selena's father and other clan's boss was in. Most of them died and of coruse Raymond, Ron, Kate and Selena's father survived. When Selena found out the ship was bombed, she was very angry and tried attacking Ling Lok Sek but unsuccessful.

The competition between all clans is held. Selena's father is still not back, Selena has to fight for her father. Selena nearly lost, when the opponent was in the air, about to attack Selena, Selena moved her foot away and the guy landed his foot, but got stuck into the wood. Selena used this chance to defeat him.

Kenneth tries to tell Selena not to fight anymore because it is very dangerous for her, since she won by luck.


*Note: This scene is cut off for the hk version, im watching full version of The Four, its airing in Aust.

Selena leaves and she bumps into another clan's boss. He says to her, she cannot fight over him. Selena fights him and she gets defeated. Kenneth sees everything and tells her that he is her opponent for tommorow. Then Kenneth asked Sammul to teach Selena some skills, like tai chi, since that guy uses force, Selena can use tai chi.

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