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MR Episode 25
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 25Bosco and Linda breaks up, Linda is sad, she doesn't want to be the thrid party like her mum. Bosco was with Clarie Yiu before. Then she calls Raymond out and Linda got wet because it was raining. She was crying under the rain, Raymond joined her.

Sa keeps saying that lousie is actually not "Gong Gong"'s daughter because in 1955 or 1956, they swapped all the babies parents by accident. Lousie goes back and checks DNA with Sa and their dad. The results say that Lousie"is" his daughter but Sa isn't. Then Sa gets kicked out of the house, Kate doesn't talk to her and Louis Yuen wants to divroce her.

Sa is very depressed and she accidentally falls down in the sea and drowns. Luckily she gets saved and when she calls Lousie that she fell into the sea. Louside hangs up.

My Comments: OMG OMG!! Guess what everyone! i saw MOSES && TAVIA today!!! I'm so happy!! I will upload photos and videos up later!!

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