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The Silver Chamber of Sorrows - Episode 21
Note: Not my screencaps
Shirley and Jack's Ending...
Paul Chun wanted to fire all his families after hearing Christine's words. Then they used a table to broke the window. They all came out and were safe. Everyone thought that Ng Wai Kwok and Jack Wu had died cause of the car accident but luckily they they jumped out of the car safe. When Jack and Shirley saw each other, they were so happy and they thought that they will never see each other again. They were touching each other on the hands then Jack saw Charmaine and he quickly lift off his hands.

Later after that, Charamine Li choose to go to France and cancel the marriage of her and Jack. Then Nancy Sit let Shirley help out 'Sheung Guan Lal'

The while they were eating dinner, They were talking about Shirley and Jack. Jack got a little embrassed after hearing Nancy and his dad say, he can never get off, about Shirley scared of Toads. He went near Shirley and helped her get rice. Then Jack Wu's dad suggested to get them married but Nancy Sit said everything's changing, so they should just leave them for themselves to decide.

My Comments: The ending was alright, sorry, I'm not getting the other more important scenes on, I'm more interested in watching them too more. But too bad, I think they didn't put enough scenes of them in. They should put more. Review will up soon.

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