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Can't Buy Me Love Review
Name: Can't Buy Me Love/公主嫁到
Episodes: 32
Genre: Ancient, Comedy
Cast: Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Linda Chung, Raymond Wong, Fala Chen, Kenneth Ma, Louis Yuen, Selena Li, Susanna Kwan, Kara Hui etc

My Comments:
I've been anticipating this series, I was actually expecting it to air later on but lol, it was earlier than expected ^^ I enjoyed watching this series, it was quite entertaining with some funny scenes. Well the series isn't THAT funny overall but it was alright. I anticipated watching the couples, especially Linda/Raymond and Fala/Kenneth. I always wanted to see Linda and Kenneth instead but it didn't seem to be quite bad this way. Glad Linda and Fala swapped roles actually. Anyway... I like the Kam Family, they're always and everything... But they don't give me much of a warm family feeling like 'Fistful's family did. But anyway, I still like the Kam Family ^^
The last episode, where they had to find Charmaine and Linda, it immediately reminded me of a drama which also had a similar idea for the ending and as I was thinking, I finally remember... lol, it was A Fistful of Stances. The ending wasn't anything special, it was expected to be a happy ending and that it was all a plan and the Kam Family didn't really drink some poisonous drink.
I also find the Ding Family very funny. Kenneth's parents are so funny, I love the way they dress up, they match each other so much! It was also funny where Kenneth's father was describing how if his wife is in pain, he will also be in pain... like he described it very funnyly... I'm glad they were included in the drama, they make it more funny. At first I found them annoying but slowly, I found them more funny.
The ending where Charmaine's daughter tries to get the paper dragonfly and then a boy catches it before her was cute, I was expecting them to follow Charmaine and Moses steps where they start arguing but lol, they didn't. Instead their daughter goes, "I think I start to like you a little" It reminded me of the Mannings ad from Hong Kong, the manning girl says the same thing to herself. ^^ Anyone watched it? She's so cute.

Moses Chan (Kam Tou Luk) - Lol, was kinda hard at first to remember all the three Fuk Luk Sao names. I love how Moses suddenly faints, so funny. He faints when he's hungry, thats so funny ^^

Charmaine Sheh (Princess Chiu Yeung) - I enjoyed watching Charmaine, I didn't really like her that much when she was acting so bratty and stirring up problems for the Kam Family. But later on, she changes and I like her more.

Linda Chung (Ng Say Duk/Princess De Sin) - I find Linda's name very funny. 'Can't Die' lol?! At first I thought Linda's character was going to be quite boring or nothing special like some of her other roles, but it turned out to be kinda different, I enjoyed watching Linda too. I thought they were going to talk more about her ultimate strength and her big appetite but it seems it was only the beginning.

Raymond Wong (Kam Tuo Sao) - He gets encouraged quite easily on confessing to Linda Usually I'd expect it that he won' I enjoyed watching Raymond and Linda, took them so long to finally get together.

Fala Chen (Szeto Ngan Ping) - Like Charmaine, I didn't like Fala WHEN she was acting bratty too, but other than that, I also enjoyed watching Fala. She was kinda funny to watch. I thought she was going to use that 'phrase' to introduce herself a lot but it seems she only used a few times in the beginning and Kenneth only used his once O.O I liked how she is like so good with her maths ^^

Kenneth Ma (Ding Yau Wai) - I was actually expecting Kenneth's character to be more interesting, I thought he get a personality like the one he was pretending in his first But it turned out to be quite different. Not very intertesting... :/ He was way more interesting in Fist. It was surprising to see that he is the son of Ding Family since his parents are like so... different from him... lol, well it ended up he isn't their real son anyway.

Louis Yuen (Kam Tuo Fuk) - I didn't like the parts where he was arguing with the family, that was one time when the family was not 'together' I didn't see the point in 'slapping' Selena... he could of just told her to leave... but instead he slapped his beloved wife O.o lol

Selena Li (Yuen Siu Yuk) - I anticipated Selena's character, but it turned out to be the usual roles, selfish and... yeah. But this character was better than some others which are very bossy and everything. I liked the last part where Selena calls for her daughters and they're scared of her way more than the father XD Selena is funny in some scenes like how she wanted the bigger box for gift but it ended up the smaller box has more value, haha XD.


Moses Chan & Charmaine Sheh (Kam Tou Luk & Chiu Yeung) -
Well, I never anticipated this couple, but they turned out okay. I like their first encounter. And I really liked the idea of the dragonflies, how the paper dragonflies that Moses has picked up for 3 years were actually made by Charmaine, must be fate aye.

Raymond Wong & Linda Chung (Kam Tou Sao & Ng Say Duk) -
I enjoyed watching this couple the most, they had many cute scenes together, and also MANY MANY obstacles to overcome before they finally got together. First it was that Susanna didn't like how Linda has no background and everything, then Linda becomes a princess and she's forced to cut her connections with the Kam Family and lastly the triangle love. And all the 'stops' of him trying to reach Linda.

Kenneth Ma & Fala Chen (Ding Yau Wai & Szeto Ngan Ping) -
I actually find Fala and Kenneth scenes to be more cute! XD But there were WAYY too less scenes of them. They fell in love WAY too quickly, but they were funny. Especially liked the scene where they were posing for a painting, so cute ^^ Oh and I like the end how they were also matching clothes like Kenneth's parents, that was so funny ^^ They would of been my favorite couple in here if there were more scenes... but I like both anyway ^^

Actor: Moses Chan i guess?
Actress: Lol, I like all three
Least Favorite Character: N/A
Funny Character: Well... not really any in particular
Couple: Linda & Raymond
Scenes: The cute scenes of Linda/Raymond and Fala/Kenneth
My Rate to this series: 8/10

Worth Watching?
Yeah, well I bet everyone will watch it anyway? The cast is appealing and it's a comedy, it's not boring, its entertaining.

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