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MR Episode 27
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 27
Michelle wants to hold a wedding ceremony since she hasn't with Ha Yu. Michelle wants to also invite Lousie but Ha Yu says no. Michelle makes rumours up to the newspaper reporters and everyone is saying that Ha Yu wants to chase after his divorced wife.
Ha Yu comes over to their house and gives them the invitation. When Raymond found out Ha Yu wants to call Lousie, Raymond gets angry. Lousie heard everything from outside the door. Later she says she will go and shouts at Raymond because he shouts at his dad.
Michelle and Ha Yu's wedding comes and everyone comes. When it was time for Ha Yu's children to say something, they were saying hope their mum and dad will be happy forever. Michelle thought it was refering to her but they meant Lousie.
Note: Sorry, I actually had two more screencaptures but I dunno why Blogger is not uploading, it only uploaded two screencaptures, it took me two days to upload them. So annoying, and I don't mean I opened my computer for 2 days...

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