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threshold of persona series review
name: threshold of persona/ID精英
episodes: 30 overs, 27 at hk
genre: modern
cast: roger kwok, yoyo mung, patrick tang, john chiang, raymond cho, toby leung, power chan, natalie tong etc

my comments: wow...i finally finished this series. it took me long enough aye... well, i never looked forward to this series because it looked boring. was shocked when i found out it was 30 episodes. the beginning of the series was quite boring, i never really liked this series. the middle and the end got more interesting. the beginning was boring mostly because of clarie's annoying character. you feel she's annoying but later on, you'll feel very sorry for her. and for some reason, every time roger goes to see "port" or something? he fails and its always because of clarie. like the second and theird time. but luckily suceed the 3rd time. i really don't have much to talk about this series overall. go onto the characters...

roger kwok (fong tsun kit) - nothing much to say about him... he was okay. in the beginning he was super boring to watch especially when clarie is there. but later he was okay, not as boring maybe coz clarie disappeared? got anoyed how he wanted to get back up with clair so much.

patrick tang (au shun fung) - he was more interesting to watch. he's so protective over his sister. and yet his sister is so disobident at times. oh and kelvin too, he doesn't learn. i liked him and natalie together but they never even started lol.

yoyo mung (yip on kei) - okay? she was a really nice character. but can't believe she went back with raymond cho. not much thoughts about this character buti have to say her relationship with roger was so draggy, same as patrick and toby.

raymond cho (cheng pak yu) - i never liked him in the series. from the start, i knew he wasn't someone good, didn't seem to be someone nice either. and he was seriously evil. he killed clarie!! and nearly power too. i don't get it...he didn't take that watch, why is he so scared O_o

toby leung (chung chi yan) - wow..i never knew she was called chung chi yan, i only knew it was yan ^^ anyway. she was okay to watch. i liked watching her and her family's relationship. she has such a nice father even though he's not her real father.

natalie tong (yip on yee) - liked natalie's character. pity she doesn't end up with anyone. she seems to be up aye?! maybe coz she's got a child. but i only mean at times like when patrick and his sister were fighting and she was helping...

actor: roger?
actress: yoyo
least favorite character: raymond cho
improved character: natalie tong
couple: n/a
scene: n/a really...
my rate: 5.5/10 *****.5

worth watching?
lol if you have spare time, u can give it a go. it might just be me who doesn't like it. not too bad overall. note...skip the beginning, clarie was soo annoying yet you feel sorry for her.

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