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E.U Episode 11 - 15 Review
Sammul told the other police that Ron had helped Michael with drugs. But Sammul didn't want to, but he didn't want to lie.

The main reason for this was because Ron had decided to help Wu Sir be an undercover.

Laughing Gor was making Ron eat drugs and his 'brothers' were beating up Ron. Sammul saw and tried settling it but Ron said he and Laughing Gor are friends and they were just playing.

Elanne are happy to have Cho Ling and Bong Sui as friends, they invited Elanne to a party for Sammul. She was very happy but on that day, they found out that Elanne was Michael Miu's daughter. They quickly told her to leave the house and told her not to work at their comic shop anymore. JUST because she's the daughter of Michael Miu.

It was Ron's birthday, Elanne made food for him, but he didn't go home. So Elanne left the food there and took pictures.

Sammul and Kaki were fishing and as you can see, they're together now. And after they fished, Sammul saw Wu Sir with Ron.

Sammul guessed that Ron is an undercover for Wu Sir. Episode ends there, Ron hasn't replied. We'll see his reaction next episode summary.

My Comments: I feel sorry for Elanne, it's not her fault for being Michael's daughter, so sad.

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