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Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Ep 16

Yiu Gam Ling and mang Bo Yin become concubines of the emperor. Guessing the emperor was suppose to go to Bo Yin first but he probably tired and didn't go to Gam Ling OR Bo Yin.

Bo Yin thought the emperor went to Gam Ling's place. She was mad when she saw her in the next morning and slapped her straight away seeing her. And gam Ling pretended that the emperor really DID go to her place. After Bo Yin walks away, Gam Ling says she would return the slap to her double next time.

Bo Yin soons find out the emperor didn't go to Gam Ling's place either. Sam Ho made two accessories for the new concubines. Gam Ling pretends to like the bracelet like thing tells her "Jeh Jeh" (Bo Yin) to chose and of course Bo Yin wouldn't give anything Gam Ling likes to her. She took the bracelet and it turns out that Gam Ling actually like the other one more.

At the end of the episode, Gam Ling and the emperor was having dinner or something? And Bo Yin appears and asks the emperor to look at rare flowers and the emperor suggests they look at it TOGETHER (emperor, gam ling and bo yin all together)

Ep 17 to come...

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