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Series Review: The Money-maker Recipe
The Money-maker Recipe Series Review
Name: The Money-maker Recipe
Episodes: 21
Cast: Kiki Sheung, Micheal Tse, Dominic Lam, Joyce Tang, Angela Tong etc
“HOUSEWIVES” always are the good
longterm bets compared to the other options
As a stockbroker, WONG CHI CHUNG (MichaelTse) is not cunning and tricky enough. Many of his customers have turned to the new securities firm in the same estate. Top broker of the firm, TING SHIU KING (Dominic Lam Ka Wah), tries to expand his customer base by developing the housewives market. He teaches CHUNG’s wife TSEUNG YUE CHU (Kiki Sheung) all about stock exchanges. CHU earns a lot of money through KING and many housewives follow her blindly. CHUNG wants CHU to stop indulging in stock market and they fight with each other all the time. Feeling lost in both his career and marriage, CHUNG meets his puppy lover KOO KA CHUN (Joyce Tang) and discovers that she also works as a stockbrokerWhile everybody has become a devoted stockholder, the market suddenly drops drastically. All the housewives lose large amounts of money and get devastated. CHU tries to pay for the debt by working multiple jobs and she also decides to reconcile with CHUNG. Unfortunately, CHUNG has been framed by CHUN and KING. As an extraordinary housewife, CHU is not defeated at all. She stays calm, bounces back and gets ready to strive against the villainy.

My Comments: At first, I already wanted to skip this series, but I didn't in the end. But still, it didn't change anything much, it's still boring. The storyline and plot is so boring. The ONLY single things I liked watching was Anglea Tong & Savio Tsang and Toby Leung & Ellesmere Choi. Angela and Savio was funny to watch and Toby with Ellesmere is okay, but I liked watching them more somehow. I didn't really watch every single scenes of this series. Sometimes, when its showing, I was on the computer for 15mins and sometimes even reading books. Really boring series to me...nothing much to say about it.

Actress: Joyce Tang
Actor: None
Least Favorite Character: None
Couple: Toby and Ellesmere
Improved Character: None
Scene: Toby & Ellesmere scenes
My rate to this series: 3/5

Worth Watching?
Not really to me, but if you'd like you can give it a go. Btw, I'm not doing the main cast thoughts.

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