happy 3rd anniversary
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New Banner!
Tomorrow, the 9th of April is Linda's birthday! Here, I wish Linda all the best in her career and everything ^^ Hope she can be happy at all times and reach her goals ^^

At first, I made the banner above first and was going to use it as a header but then I decided to make another banner, which is the one using right now, and finally decided to use that one instead ^^

And here are some other stuff I made.

01. Charlene Choi
I like this one! The picture of Ah Sa is really nice.

02. Ah Sa & Ken
More Ah Sa! I've been listening to Ah Sa songs recently and decided to make creations of her.

03. Ah Sa & Ah Ken
This one is quite plain but I like the quotes ^^

04. Shirley Yeung
A blend.. looks alright i guess ^^ Which one do you like most?
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