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A Pillow Case of Mystery II Review
Name: A Pillow Case Of Mystery II/施公奇案II
Episodes: 21
Genre: Period Drama, Cases
Cast: Bobby Au Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, Joel Chan, Leila Tong, Johnson Lee and etc

My Comments:
Well, I wasn't particularly anticipating for it or anything, but it DID seem okay. But I don't get why they say this series is the highest ratings this year? In this table, MOL is #1, AFOS is #2 and GW is 3rd and THEN its this series. But people have been saying this has the highest rating currently? To me, compared to the three series just mentioned, those were more entertaining to watch compared to this, but this wasn't too bad either.

It was sad hearing that they made Kenix and Annie's character die in a ship accident but it was interesting to see them link their deaths with the last case. It made the story more interesting to watch. But in the ending, there were really lots of unexpected events that happened, like Leila's death. That was very unexpected. And then her turning into a heavenly spirit... but that was KINDA predictable after seeing her death. I also didn't expect that, that princess was actually the real person behind all the ship incident.

It was SO unrealistic how they said how Jessica survived for MONTHS and even gave birth in that well. But I guess saying that 'tree' there helped her makes it sound better. I guess it sounds better that she has already gave birth before they find her?

Bobby Au Yeung (Sze Sai Lun) - Haven't seen Bobby in a while. He was okay, I don't really have much to talk about him haha.

Jessica Hsuan (Ng Kwan Yau) - I've been wondering for a while before watching this drama, what role will Jessica play. Coz I kept thinking that Bobby already has enough wives and THEN we find out that two of them dies. I did enjoy watching Jessica :)

Joel Chan (So Ying Tsun) - I find Joel's 'real' name in this drama very funny.. it's like so long. And its funny how Leila calls him that, the FULL name... but they usually call the last two characters. I enjoyed Joel's character, I didn't find him annoying or anything. Seems like TVB isn't going to give Joel those usual 'real' annoying roles.

Leila Tong (Tin Mei Yan) - When I first heard that Leila was going to play Bobby's wife, I was I enjoyed watching Leila. I liked seeing how Joel falls in love with her not knowing she is a 'she'.

Johnson Lee (Pillow Spirit/Ngau Dai Lik) - I liked Johnson's character. I'm glad they made him a new pillow spirit. He was entertaining to watch. At first I thought all his scenes were with Bobby, but it seems she had others with some of the other cast.

Bobby Au Yeung & Jessica Hsuan (Sze Sai Lun & Ng Kwan Yau) - I actually didn't expect them to get married so early in the series. I thought it would of been like the story with Kenix, that they will slowly develop feelings for each other and THEN get married but it seems to be the other way. They cared for each other though there were many obstacles to overcome.

Joel Chan & Leila Tong (So Ying Tsun & Tin Mei Yan) - I anticipated watching them, their story was OKAY. I've always liked watching dramas how the girl disguises herself as a guy and the guy falls for her. And plus revenge!! That's even more exciting! haha. Some dramas with these storyline are strong but for this one, it's type of a light hearted one... So it wasn't AS good as I expected.

Actor: Bobby Au Yeung
Actress: Jessica Hsuan
Least Favorite Character: -
Funny Character: Johnson Lee
Couple: Joel & Leila
Scenes: Joel & Leila scenes
My Rate to this series: 7/10

Worth Watching?
Well, I think its kinda funny. So it is kinda worth watching. It's not too bad. The ratings were quite good but its def not No.1 of the year.

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