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E.U Episode 2 Review
Pak Kiu shows Michael a picture of his father and wanted to see his reaction. He said the person in the picture isn't him.

Elanne had borrowed money from Kathy before and every month, she would return money bit by bit into her account. Michael got Kathy mad, so she hung Elanne's call. After, Elanne called again. Elanne knew that Michael had came back to Hong Kong. Kathy records her voice down. Kathy's so nice even though Michael got her mad ><

Ron sees Elanne on the street selling copys of computer softwares. Elanne swapped the inside disc and Ron was like suprised.

Ron went up to a friend's house to find info. When he was about to leave the house, Elanne comes in and he made her drops her food. Ron called her "Copy Girl" something like that. And She left and Ron said, Stand right there. And Elanne used another language to call Ron "Pig Head" He didn't understand what it was.

Michael listens to Elanne's voice what Kathy reocrded while they were talking on the phone.
Comments: LOL I thought Elanne's character was like very nice, but wasn't as expected. She was different from the one I expected XD I like this one more though. haha. And she's lying on the internet too? O__O

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