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The Four Episode 6 & 7 SK Review
Kenneth comes to stop Blue Sky Clan and the other clan from fighting, before leaving, Selena glares at Kenneth.

Selena comes to where they live because they locked one of Blue Sky Clan's brothers, Selena comes and tells them to hurry and find the turth, or else she will make their palace all bloody with their blood. Just then, the guy that follows Selena around was like, "Are you sure?" And Selena was like, Of coruse, I'll use "dog" blood!

That guy goes lost, Selena searches, Kenneth follows and Kenneth stopped Selena and hold her hand and say stop running around.

Kenneth: Don’t run around everywhere, you’ll get lost!

Selena pulls Kenneth’s hand off him.

Selena: Why are you so nervous?
Kenneth: Sorry.

And later they find out they are really lost. Selena walks around trying to find the exit but she cannot. She somehow steps into something and touched something. Leaves began to fall down and Kenneth comes close.

Smoke comes out and Selena faints.

Kenneth then faints afterwards.

They both faint and next scene of them is next episode, they get locked in a cell.

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