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Home Troopers Review
Name: Home Troopers/居家兵團
Episodes: 20
Genre: Family, Modern
Cast: Liza Wang, Ha Yu, Kevin Cheng, Bernice Liu, Raymond Cho, Mandy Wong, Vincent Wong, Angela Tong etc

My Comments:
Well, this drama is OKAY... its not THAT good nor bad. Never anticipated it either since it looks boring and reminds me of the other drama about'Si Lai's, forgot the name. The cast isn't very appealing either.

Ha Yu (Chukot Ho) - I don't really have much thoughts about this character lol.

Liza Wang (Lai Ka Ka) - She's a VERY strict mother O.O I wouldn't want such a strict mother, but always do things for her kids. :) I didn't like how she totally changed like Ha Yu said. But she was better near the end. Funny how it changed around with Ha Yu, she becomes the more carefree one :)

Kevin Cheng (Chukot Ching) - Don't have much thoughts either... the unappealing cast here

Bernice Liu (Tung Kam-po) - Yeah same for her, not much thoughts...I didn't really like her character that much for some reason...

Mandy Wong (Chukot Yung) - A more different personality from the other glasses role she got. She's got her own strong thinking like her mother. I enjoyed watching her. Good that she doesn't choose Vincent in the end but I enjoyed watching them more than her and Timmy but I guess Timmy was added for a 'better' choice for Mandy.

Actor: N/A
Actress: N/A
Least Favorite Character: N/A
Funny Character: N/A
Improved Character: Mandy Wong or Vincent Wong?! O.O
Couple: N/A
Scenes: Yeah, none in particular again
My rate to this series: 6/10

Worth Watching?
Well.... I guess you can spend time watching a more interesting drama, coz I recon this one is a bit 'Mo Liu' at times... not THAT interesting.

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