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Can't Buy Me Love Episode 17

It is revealed that Charmaine is the one that spread those paper thingys that fly away and Moses pick them up every year.

Selena discovers that Raymond likes Linda. She told the family but Susanna and Lee Heung Kam don't seem to like Linda much since she is only a servant. Selena thinks Linda is good, she indirectly told Raymond to go after Linda.

Linda wants to go for a eating competition but needs a partner, Raymond volunteers. They win and since they were so full, they wanted to drink something to digest easier but the person couldn't hear them and kept walking away. Linda grabs on Raymond and they run for it.

Someone tries to kill Charmaine, Moses comes to the rescue, they could of escaped but when Charmaine accidentally stepped on some pearls and pushed Moses back, it seems he got stabbed but we don't know yet until next episode. ^^


Lol, it's kinda impossible for someone to suddenly come out and try to kill Charmaine when they're IN the palace, if it was in Charmaine's place, next to Kam Family, then it at least sounds more

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