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The Rippling Blossom Thoughts
Name: The Rippling Blossom/魚躍在花見
Episodes: 20
Genre: Modern
Cast: Julian Cheung, Michael Tse, Myolie Wu, Tavia Yeung, Damian Lau etc

My Comments:
I actually didn't watch the WHOLE thing because of my exams... I didn't have time. So I watched bits and pieces and knew what happened. So this is just parts of my thoughts. I'm not gonna bother go watching parts I didn't. Anyway, the series is quite interesting I recon. At first by looking, it didn't seem so interesting but after starting to watch it, it was more interesting and enjoyable to watch. Like everyone, of course I enjoyed watching Chilam the most, and with Myolie, they were funny and cute. On the other hand, Michael and Tavia are very boring to watch. I didn't like watching Michael, he was boring and all he cared about was sushi this and sushi that. And his eyes and eyebrows!! They're all the same throughout the series.... Mean look.
Btw, I found Pierre's role funny! He did well!!! He's good at these type of roles aye! xD

Julian Cheung (Yue Chi Yeng) - Yea, Chilam's character was just funny in a way, I wish this didn't air at my exams time =.=" I wanted to watch it. Arghh, they should of aired something boring so I don't care... It was sad I didn't get to see Chilam start liking Myolie but I guess he kinda explained it himself at the end when Myolie lost her memories of him. Man... typical dramas... losing memories at the last! Oh and I find it funny how they have so much nicknames, him and Michael, theres "Dai and Sai Yue" and also the other Mrs Yue calls him "Dai and Sai Yea" (srry, my weird pinyin)

Michael Tse (Yue Chi Hiu) - I find their names very funny, especially Michael's. But I recon the name really suits him coz he IS hui! and CHI hui too!! I don't like how he uses Tavia! :( Their story is like SO repetitive I swear... they use each other and then they want to be together again... happens SO mcuh O.O So they were just boring to watch,

Myolie Wu (Keung Keung) - This is one role that I enjoy watching Myolie. I like how Myolie and Chilam call each other names, "Ma Keung" and "K Yeng" The daydream that Myolie had was the BEST and so funny! It was where she was starting to like Chilam and she daydreamed that she was 'Siu Long Lui' and then she slowly finds Chilam is 'Yeung Gor' That was so funny!! XD

Tavia Yeung (Choi Sze Lung) - I didn't really like Tavia's character that much. Like I said before, it was just her repetitive relationship with Michael. I was thinking... if she loved him that much, how can she do that to him and same thing applies to Michael. She probably could of asked Michael for help in the first place instead of accepting that other Mrs Yue's offer.

Damian Lau (Mo Yung Ching) - Haha I love watching Damian!! He is funny in a way. His gestures and everything. I like how they all call him Mo Yung-san. Its also funny how he suddenly says one or two words in Japanese and continues with Chinese. eg. he said 'genki' instead of healthy when referring to that he runs a lot so he's 'genki' xD and more~~

Actor: Chilam!
Actress: Myolie
Least Favorite Character: None in particular..?!
Funny Character: Lol, Damian?
Improved Character: N/A
Couple: Chilam & Myolie
Scenes:... well I didn't watch the FULL whole thing...
My rate to this series: 8/10

Worth Watching?
Yea I suppose.... I found it interesting... and its about SUSHI!! I LOVE SUSHI!! HAHA! Who doesn't?!

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