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No Regrets Ep 10
Sheren finds out that she has been recorded by Susan Tse and this guy in the picture, which is her uncle. It is kinda revealed that Sheren actually hates drugs and everything, she'll talk more in the next ep with Wayne.
Anyway, Sheren makes her uncle say the same things as she said when they recorded.

She asks Wayne for help to edit the tape. At first Wayne refuses to help thinking its something bad again. Sheren tells him that what she said in the tape recorded and she would be killed by her father if he wouldn't help him. Wayne just says, "What kind of person ARE you?!" So funny ^^

Yeah, the father returnes, asks Sheren why she would say that, she tells him that she has no explanation and shows him the tape she recorded saying the exact same things. The father is confused and says pretend this hasn't happened. See his expression behind the father in that pic? So funny!!!! XD This scene was funny in a way I recon. I loled.

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