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The Seventh Day - Episode 5
Note: Didn't have time to take screen captures, got them from official site

Episode 8 - Last Scene:
Niki picked up Natalie's book and inside the book said that this tree, if you and our lover stayed there after 12, they will be together all the time or something, Niki actually believed it and she told Kevin about it but then Niki was mad at Kevin in a scene so she went to the tree and sat there and said: Please, show me my [真命天子], it was something like that, I can't really remember, since I watched that a while ago.

For Natalie and Bosco, Bosco was going to confess his love to Natalie but then Natalie said it before he could and said nearly excatly what he was going to say. And then later on they were hugging. But then they actually don't like each other, Bosco just thought she was a from a wealthy family and Natalie is just using him so she could draw her mangas.

That day where Bosco and Natalie confessed their love and Kevin and Niki finally going out, was their seventh day knowing each other.

My Comments: I'm actually enjoying this series, Niki and Kevin are more romantic lovers and for Bosco and Natalie are more funny kind of livers where they cheat one and other.

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