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The Story:
This series isn't very good, I don't like it much, so I won't talk too much on it and rest of the character review and etc, will be out after this soon.
The ending...lots of people say it was very crappy and etc etc. I thought the ending was alright I guess. It was a happy ending. I liked how they all three finally get it and stops all this arugements and etc. They DID leave lots of stuff for people to think about what is going to happen next, eg.
- What will happen to Bosco (Will) and Linda (Elise)?
- Will Kenny (Sunny) wake up?
- What will happen to Gigi (Constance) and Moses (Terrence)?
- Also, there was a scene where Ada bath tub suicide, and it wasn't there in the series.
Anyway, those three are all for your imagintion to think and what about the last one I mentioned...weird, TVB probably cut it out. Anyway, back to the story. This story is overall boring. I skipped a lot of episodes and some scenes were just so boring, I can't even bother watching. There were scenes that were better, but there weren't much really. I don't enjoy watching long boring series like "Gem" So I really don't like this series. This series is very 'real'..coz now days, in the marketing world it's really like The Gem of Life. They're like making a series showing you how they do business. It's really real but I really don't have interest in business stuff, maybe someone that studys commerce would like? LOL.
I don't particular like any scenes or episodes, but some interesting ones are like the Linda making Gigi and Moses relationship bad..I know I've mentioned this a few times, but I really can't think of any other scenes that was good.
Btw, I kinda don't mind they how in the end, they made Lee Sze Ki suddenly thought about the pass. It was good thing to remember I guess...?
I really don't have much to say anymore about this series.. All i can say is... "BORING!"
Actor: -
Actress: Gigi Lai
Mose Improved Character: Linda Chung
Least Favorite Character: -
Favorite Couple: Gigi and Moses
Favorite Scene: -
Rate to this series: 2.5/5
Worth Watching?
No... but if can try if you want. Can't say more...if you want more info, go read of other reviews. Or wait for my other reviews abt Character info, etc.

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