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72 Tenants Funny Scenes
Bosco is off finding Stephy on the streets of Mong Kok. Aimee then comes out...

Aimee: Excuse me, Sir. Can I spare you some time to do a questionnaire? Is your mother a male or female?
Bosco: What about you?
Aimee: Is your brother a boy or girl? What do you think?
Bosco: Insane! *leaves*

Jacky: *sings his own song*
Cho Lam: *closes the CD Player* Dad! Stop imitating Jacky Cheung, you don't sing like him.
Jacky: Who said I don't? Everyone says I sing like him. Just like playing the disc.
Cho Lam: Because you're really playing the disc. The real Jacky Cheung is like this.... *sings the song*
Jacky: It's really alike!
Cho Lam: It's better than him. Tell him if you ever meet him.
Jacky: Son...

There's a bomb on Anita. They are trying to get the bomb off her...

Jacky: Which one will you pick then?
Eric: If it's not the red, then it's the blue.
Jacky: Then red or blue? Old rule! Heads for red, tails for blue.
Eric: You toss the coin, hurry.
Jacky: You toss....
Eric: Would you please toss...?

*Anita talks, tells Eric to toss the coin, Eric then tosses the coin, then Jacky stops him from looking*

Eric: Why are you stopping me?
Jacky: Let's try taking out the batteries away, maybe it'll stop.
Eric: Right.

*pulls the batteries off, everything stops.*

Stephy: I got you an AV star from Japan.
Bosco: AV star? Who is it?
Stephy: Sora Aoi!
Bosco: Sora Aoi?
Stephy: Let me introduce you. *walks into the room thingy* This is Sora Aoi.
Bosco: Konnichi wa (Hello) *without seeing her face yet*
Myolie: Konnichi wa (Hello)
Bosco: Sora Aoi? She's Myolie Wu!
Myolie: Hajimemashite, watashi wa Sora Aoi desu. (First time meeting, I'm Sora Aoi)
Bosco: You think I don't know how Myolie looks like?

*Myolie leans over to show Bosco her breasts, he looks at them*

Bosco: Really don't look like her... *he starts believing its really Sora Aoi*
Someone: Hung Yee (Myolie), It's time to get changed.
Myolie: Okay! Hurry! Rush back to TVB.
Stephy: No more Sora Aoi, you pervert!


Lols, which one do you like most? I find them all very funny ^^ Especially the last one.

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