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Ghost Writer Review
Name: Ghost Writer
Episodes: 25
Genre: Ancient, Mystery, Ghost etc
Cast: Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Sunny Chan etc

My Comments:
I've anticipated this series and it didn't give me any disappointment really. I enjoyed this series, it was very interesting to watch. I enjoyed the beginning and the ending parts more. The middle was alright. I liked watching the first case with Elaine and how they find out the real murderer of Elaine is. I liked the ending of this though it was pretty sad too. "人(鬼/狐/妖/仙)殊韬" concept is changed since Steven lives with his wife ghost Linda and fox Fala. I think the last part where they show the new "聊齋" place was very pretty with the dry ice making it look like some goddess place. It was kinda weird how they showed Chung Ling old... but that was to show Fala's appearance again... Was so tragic how Sunny killed everyone, practically everyone died in the end but not exactly just... I found it funny how they showed us all those clips of ghost stories that the real Po Chung Ling wrote. Didn't expect that but it was a good ending after all. At first I thought that everyone would seriously die and just left Steven all by himself writing ghost stories.

It was actually quite exciting watching part where Fala was being used by the other fox ad Sunny and how she started doing bad things and asking Linda to let her stay by Steven. It made the story more interesting when Fala starts to get Steven and fights with Linda somehow. But of course deep inside Fala is a very nice person. :) I think the story would be more interesting if they somehow edited Linda's personality or character a bit. She was too nice, especially towards Fala before discovering her real identity. I didn't expect everyone to find out that Fala is a fox in the end, well acually that was only Steven X)

Steven Ma (Po Chung Ling) - Ah, really enjoyed watching Steven more this time ^^ We can see how much Sum Yu and Chugn Ling loved each other in the end, I was so touched when seeing their love like that. Linda sacrificed herself and have Fala's pearl thingy (真元)given to Steven.

Linda Chung (Lau Sum Yu) - Linda's character was very nice and kind. I liked watching her in the beginning, a bit aggressive over with her sister's incident and the end part where she tries to prove everyone that Siu Tsui is a fox.

Fala Chen (Ling Wu Siu Tsui) - I liked watching Fala the whole way through. She was very funny when she disguised herself as a guy and especially with her language, not knowing what everything means and questioning all the time. She was very cute as a girl too. She did many bad things in order to stay near Chung Ling. We can see how much she is deeply in love with Chung Ling but sadly Chung Ling likes Sum Yu.

Sunny Chan (Ko Jit) - I like his nickname and it really suits him, Ma Gat. He really is a double! His double comes out from the middle and kills himself haha. I didn't really like or dislike his character. Sunny's roles are just pretty much the same to me. All his roles are either a very good person or a good person then turns into a evil which is it in this case... can't believe it was him who killed Sum Yu...

Steven Ma & Linda Chung (Chung Ling & Sum Yu) - I really like this couple, though some people might be bored of them since Watchdog but I enjoyed watching him but their romantic storyline wasn't all that interesting, it was alright. I didn't like how Linda accused Fala to be a monster type fox not a goddess, there is a difference really...

Steven Ma & Fala Chen (Chung Ling & Siu Tsui) - It seems their relationship was more happy, Linda's was good for him but Fala does things to make Chung Ling happy with the incident where they stole a book or something.

Sunny Chan & Linda Chung (Ko Jit & Sum Yu) - They were even boring, he likes her but she doesn't. Lol, this reminds me of Legend of demigods, I wanted to see them again but now i get too but

Actor: Steven Ma
Actress: Both Linda & Fala
Least Favorite Character: Rain & her husband
Improved Character: -
Funny Character: Fala was kinda funny in the beginning
Couple: Steven & Linda
Scenes: Ending scene
My Rate to this series: 8.5/10

Worth Watching?
Yes, I think it's quite worth it to watch, it was interesting especially in the beginning and end. It shouldn't really bore anyone. Unless you're someone that doesn't like any of the cast or doesn't like these type of genres.

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