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The Silver Chamber of Sorrows - Episode 15
Shirley and Jack Thoughts
Jack was walking by and he sees Shirley trying to buy toads but you can see that she is still scared. Jack was supporting her on the back, then Shirley sucessfully hold on a toad, she squeezed it hard. Then she bought it and then she sees Jack coming in her way.

Shirly puts a cross on her hand, she says that she has been advioding himso she doesnt want to see him and she doesn't like him but Jack says he was only passing by. Then when Shirley wasnted to go, she accidentally dropped the toad and stepped on it. It died and Shirley got ma and threw her shoe at Jack.

Then Shirley went to the places where people use their shoes to hit some paper to pretend that they'e hitting someone they don't like. Known as 【打小人】. Shirley went there to hit Jack but then she sees Jack hitting someone. She didn't care who it was but sinc she thinks that Jack gives her boad luck, she decides to leave.

When Shirley was cooking, Jack went into the kitchen to find Shirley. Jack gave Shirley something, it was for the 【打小人】 thing. Jack said he hit for her today and Shirley said, her '小人' is Jack. Then Shirley found out that Jack was actually hitting himself today. He said he doesn't believe in them so he doesn't care.

Then Later, in the episode, they will talk about Shirley's parents, Shirley's mum is actually a nun right now, She and Paul Chun once were together, then they had Shirey but then Shirley's mum was actually married and she killed her husband. Then she gave Shirley to Nancy Sit.

My Comments: What do you think of this episode? They finally revealed about Shirley's parents. I've seen some other screencaps of Shirley being the daughter of Paul Chun and she was wearing these nice clothes, can't wait to finish the series.


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