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My Better Half Review
Name: My Better Half
Episodes: 20
Genre: Modern, Comedy
Cast: Michael Miu, Maggie Cheung, Michael Tse, Teresa Lee, Mandy Cho, Mimi Lo, Derek Kwok, etc

My Comments:
In my opinion, this series' cast is not appealing at all. I also never anticipated this series, but in the end, it was one funny drama. The scene that I can never forget is in episode 1 where Michael Miu hids the stockings from Maggie by saying he's making 'stocking milk tea' That was so funny!! Not just that scene, there were many other funny scenes too. It was a bit exggerated how Maggie watches over her husband so badly, I mean she should know his personality by then after 7 years of together, even though there was a mistaken on the day they got married. That mistake was really... just weird... But anyway. Overall, the series was entertaining, but because of the non-appealing cast, sometimes I can't be bothered watching, yes, i did miss a few episodes.

This drama is just hilarous! I find it Derek and Oscar's name very funny, esp Derek's! And then his son/daughter's name was so freaking hilarous!!! Oscar's one was funny too. But i recon the last few episodes where they talked about Maggie having a misscarriage and then following by her mother in law's cancer went a bit overboard since this is a comedy, they put too much sad things all together. It came up too quickly and sudden, and then there was the fight with Maggie and her husband. Maybe they should of added other parts to let us digest the sudden sadness of the story since it was mostly happy the whole way through. Anyway. I enjoyed watching the two Michael's, they were both very funny. loved the part where Michael Miu was pretending to be "Kong Sai Hau" as himself from E.U. And all that 'Laughing Gor' stuff too. Teresa mentioned and also Michael Miu in the end.

I find it a bit weird yet funny how Michael Miu described marriage like entering the entertainment circle. But that last scene was just funny, I LOVED the part wher he said Maggie started to be two faced after their marriage, he said that Maggie was complaining how her mother in law was making her life hard outside the lifts and when she steps into the house with her mother in law, she changes her face and says, "Mother-in law,I'vce missed you!" Lol, that was epic.. in some way ^^And, I also loved the last addition part where Teresa gives birth and Jamie Chik comes out as a guestrole as a nurse or something. And most hilarous is how they the 2 Michaels go, "I'm the baby's father!" And maggie going, "I'm the baby's mother!" And especially where Maggie's father in law goes, "And.." And then Jamie goes, "Don't tell me you're the baby's father?" And Maggie's mother in law goes, "Couse not! We're the baby's grandmother/father." Hmm.. I'm just saying the funny scenes here. I should stop. ^^

Michael Miu (Ching Sum) - Well, never anticipated his performance or anything, I don't mean his acting is bad okay. It's just that he doesn't really appeal to me nor that I like him. But in the end, his character was just funny. Well Done.

Maggie Cheung (Ko Lai Sum) - Typing the 'Sum' reminds me they said they should call the baby, "Ching Sum Sum" combining Maggie and Michael M's name. Anyway, Maggie was interesting to watch. Oh also loved the part where Jazz go, "Wearing a dress is what a girls normally do, but a man wearing a dress is different"

Michael Tse (Ching Yee) - Hm..Laughing Gor was interesting. But I kinda think Michael Miu was more funny in this series. Did everyone see? Where that episode, they have shots of his room from his mother/father's house and there's this picture of him when he's little, with his head not and a kid's body! XD Made me laugh!!

Teresa Lee (Miu Ling Ji/Gigi) - Her character was way more interesting to watch compared to You're Hired. That character was not interesting at all and boring compared to this one. Her personality was more like competitive and etc which made her character more interesting to watch.

Mandy Cho (Yau Ka Lei/Yuki) - Parts with her and her husband, Mr Sam Seung was funny, especially where she and Michael T tries to get him to wake up. Didn't in particular like her, but was it just me? The guy next to her in the end looked like a girl? Or WAS it a girl??


Michael Miu & Maggie Cheung (Ching Sum & Ko Lai Sum) -
They were funny. How he's so scared of his wife was funny. I find it funny how he said the bathroom was his little world. Lol?
Yeah, they went through quite a lot of obstacles, their love seemed very real, it was very touching seeing how much they love each other. The scene where Michael tells his brother that he pays attention a lot to his wife and how much he cares was very touching.

Michael Tse & Teresa Lee (Ching Yee & Miu Ling Ji) -
OMG. It was so freakin funny where Teresa decided to compete with Mandy. Loved that question, "Who would you save first if both I and Yuki (Mandy) fell into the sea?" In the end, he saved Yuki but chose Teresa. But anyway, this pairing was funny and interesting to watch. Sad I missed some eps of them.

Michael Tse & Mandy Cho (Ching Yee & Yau Ka Lei) - It's normal to be with Mandy since Michael has loved her for so long and still hasn't forgetten her. But they made him change his mind and turned to Teresa. Quite dramatic aye. But sometimes these stuff do happen i guess O.o

Actor: Michael Miu
Actress: Maggie Cheung
Least Favorite Character: -
Improved Character: -
Couple: -
Favorite Scene: TOO MUCH!!! All funny scenes
My rate to this series: 8/10 ********

Worth Watching?
Yeah, I know many people skipped this series coz they think the cast isn't appealing but watch it for Maggie! XD And it's quite entertaing in my opinon. I think it's worth a watch. =)

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