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Grace Under Fire Review
Name: Grace Under Fire/女拳
Episodes: 32
Genre: Pre-modern, Martial Arts
Cast: Liu Xuan, Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma, Fala Chen, John Chiang etc

My Comments:
I never anticipated this until I saw the promo clips, it seemed a bit interesting but I guess it was alright in the end. The ending was... average, was a bit unexpected, I didn't like it very much actually. I recon most or some of the scenes are like very unnecessary and stuff, some I find stupid. They probably should of cutted it down to 30 eps or something. I recon how they found Kenneth's evidence was.. easy?! I was expecting something more 'big' his 'ending' seems very fast. And I was thinking how can they prove that the diary is real and written by Elliot. I mean it can be written up by ANYONE. I thought Liu Xuan would cry or shed a tear seeing her brother die, but I don't think she did? They need an emotional scene instead of Kaki's one.
And I find it VERY stupid that Kenneth's people couldn't find the diary and yet Power or Oscar stuffed it in Power's bag. And also how Kenneth went to find Edwin was a bit.. stupid :/ Isn't it obvious he's gonna kill you?! And since the diary also has Edwin's criminal evidence, doesn't that mean they will try capture him too? Yet he's so free fleeing to japan... o.o
Well, I don't have much to say but more to say underneath :) There are more thoughts really but I can't remember much right now lol.

Liu Xuan (Mok Kwai Lan) - Liu Xuan actually did a pretty good job for her first time. The dubbing was alright, but don't you guys recon there's a lot of pauses?!! Anyway, I liked watching her character more before she married to John. Her character got a bit..boring I suppose after she got married. Dunno why but that's just what I think.

Bosco Wong (Lui Ching Lung) - I recon Bosco didn't have a LOT of lines than the other characters. His character was alright. Too expressionless I recon. Suppose his character is like that but really even when he gets married with Fala, he doesn't even smile a little?! That's a bit too exaggerating.. I guess its just his character... It's funny how he was slamming the table in front of his father to express his feelings, I felt he didn't know how to express it in words.

Kenneth Ma (Yau Sam Shui) - Well I did kinda enjoy watching Kenneth, but yeah he was very immature. I felt him turning evil was a little bit unreal.. or maybe its just me?! And yes, it did take some while for him to turn evil. More eps of him good than evil. And his death was so unexpected. I never thought it'd be Kaki killing him. At first I thought Kaki gives in and then she didn't. I wonder if he regretted what he did though?! I was expecting some scene of Kenneth regretting and crying or some sort to Liu Xuan his sister. Recon TVB wanted to promote Kaki more there o.o

Fala Chen (Kwai Fa) - Fala's character was interesting. I didn't like how she lied to Bosco abt Liu Xuan going to another place other than Guangzhou. I thought she was going to seriously die though since she got shot but lol she didn't. Too much for Bosco if she dies too. They made it like she really was gonna die when she got shot. Yes and once again I find it stupid that she just called out that she found the diary when she saw the situation was dangerous...
At first I thought Fala lied about her cooking skills from a famous chef but lol I guess its true. I actually liked watching Fala and Bosco more than Fala and Kenneth, I was anticipating for Fala and Kenneth too. But I guess she's just there to reject her so nothing cute or anything between them.

John Chiang (Wong Fei Hung) - Uhh... his character was boring to me. I don't think he even loves Liu Xuan, at first before watching how they got married, I thought it would be something that they HAD to get married instead of them wanting lol. I didn't expect his death either.

Dominic Lam (Lui Kong) - His character is just weird, its like from wanting to take revenge turning to nice and then from nice turning back to taking revenge and in the end he turns back to a nice person and dies. That's just... weird...might as well not make him turn nice at all until the end.

Bosco Wong and Fala Chen - I enjoyed watching their moments but their ending was seriously rushed too quickly.. When they were in the well and how Bosco saying he loves Fala, I felt it was SO fake, I was like "yeah right!" lol. But when he said he 'realized' he fell in love with her felt more real. They were a nice couple though but I still don't feel much love from Bosco.

Kenneth Ma and Fala Chen - This couple is cute but not in this series. I liked how Kenneth did so much for Fala but sadly Fala doesn't like him D: Well I guess these stuff can't be helped o.o

Liu Xuan and John Chiang - No, I did not like them. I even found Liu Xuan and Oscar or Power would fit more LOL.

Actor: Kenneth Ma
My reason to that is I think Bosco's character was very emotionless...
Actress: Fala Chen
Least Favorite Character: Elliot, Claire (she was one annoying one), prob more?
Funny Character: I found Oscar kinda funny
Improved Character: N/A
Couple: Bosco and Fala
Scenes: None in particular, prob Fala and Bosco moments
My rate to this series: 6.5 or a 7/10

Worth Watching?
It's not a must watch. So prob not really?! Unless you have time to spare, it is quite long...

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