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Mysteries Of Love Ep 18 - Break up Scene
WARNING: May contain spoilers (if you haven't watched) Sorry, poor translation with some part.


Raymond: Sorry, Sai Lei Miu. My family has given me a lot of pressure. I’m sure you have pressure too.

Tavia: So? Think of a solution. I’m already changing job (changing from CID to something else)

Raymond: Did you know when you decide to ‘change’ my heart feels uncomfortable. I’m very mad at myself that you can sacrifice like that for me, and I haven’t done anything for you.

Tavia: I never asked anything from you

Raymond: You think ‘changing’ can solve the problem with my family? I see you smile so happily, even I thought it can be that simple solving all the problems

Tavia: It is…

Raymond: It’s not. Two people with different backgrounds getting together, the two families cannot be left alone, and there might be problems that we can’t even imagine will come out. Until my mum got sick, I’m sure that I’ve calculated this wrongly.

Tavia: What? Wait… the calculation I’ve already worked out. I’m the one that likes you first, from when I had feelings for you, I already know we’re from two different worlds. I never thought we would be together. You teached me… You told me what was [science word] You said when a girl and a boy comes together, this would add. This relationship is called ‘love’ right? You like me because [science word] has [something]. You never said that us together is a calculation. Since when did it turn into a calculation?

Raymond: Sorry

Tavia: I don’t want to hear sorry, You don’t even like me?! You’re blaming on calculation mistake.

Raymond: Don’t get mad, I know I’m wrong. Other than sorry, I don’t know what I can say.

Tavia: We give each other another chance? You’re so smart, you can think of a solution right? You can do it!

Raymond: My IQ is 0 when it comes to love [???] Sorry, I’m really sorry

Tavia: I don’t want to hear! I don’t want to see you! I don’t want to listen! Leave! I don’t want to listen! I don’t want you see you! Leave! Leave!

Raymond: Sorry…

Tavia: I don’t want to! Come back! I don’t want you to go.


After this break up scene, Tavia calls Kenneth for help. Tavia is extremely sad after the break up, in this episode, she even thinks and decides to quit being a police. In the next episode, she will finally wake up and not give up being a police.

Sorry about the poor translation. I dunno what that 'science word' is in english... And that IQ part, I don't know how to translate it :/

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