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king of snooker review
Name: King of Snooker
Episode: 20
Genre: Modern Drama
Cast: Adam Cheng, Niki Chow, Patrick Tang, Joyce Tang, Derek Kwok etc
My Comments: Before i watched this, I was anticipating for it already. It wasn't very bad. It was quite nice. I knew nothing about Snooker before I watched this. Now I know a little, it seems quite fun too, I wanna try playing. The tricks that they do in the series are AWESOME! Like the one that makes the ball turn to not hit the colour balls, the 6 cue? watever its called. and etc etc. but some scenes were quite exggerating.
in this series, there were some scenes that weren't that interesting but lots of other interesting ones too. i especially like watching the competitions like ray vs. cue sir, and esp cue sir vs. tze him. they were exciting to watch, esp the last one. it was a little weird how they made cue sir sounds so good ..well he is and then even though he can't see properly he won ray and this other guy but he couldn't win patrick..? or did he do it on purpose for him to win?
anyway, this series overall was okay, it wasn't the best best nor the worst, i'll just say it's alright.
also, i enjoyed watching joyce and derek in the beginning alot, they were quite funny and interesting to watch, but too bad they made her end up with adam. which is weird...and you know...i've realised WHENEVER i tell people that joyce will end up with adam, they all say the excat same thing or similiar which is, "How Old is he?" lol, even myself asked that. btw, the cue's they used..the names are funny ^^
Adam Cheng (Yau Yat Kiu) - His character was okay to me but he was quite interesting, the things he say are really right i recon. It teaches life i guess ^^
Niki Chow (Yau Ka Kan) - Niki's character was very confident and stubborn in the beginning and to be honest, i didn't her personlity in the beginning but i still liked her in some way and liked her more sooner.
Patrick Tang (Kan Tze Him) - He's a very nice guy in the series, always thinking of others before himself. Watching him turn bad and back to good is alright i guess.
Joyce Tang (Chin To To/Toni) - Her character was very strong. Enjoyed watching her too. Some people hated her XD That's funny.
Derek Kwok (Lui Kin Chung/Ray) - He was cool in this series! I loved watching him and Joyce, too abd they didn't end up together. Poor Ray when that stupid Dr. J used him!!!
Actor: n/a
Actress: Niki
Least Favorite Character: Dr. J - I seriously hate him, so annoying!!
Improved Character: Patrick Tang?
Couple: Joyce Tang & Derek Kwok
My Rate to this series: 7/10 *******
Worth Watching?
Well I guess so? The snooker tricks are very interesting to watch! ^^

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