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SITS Ep 1 - 3 Review [Stevia Moments]
Sweetness In The Salt Ep 1 - 3 Review [Stevia Moments]

Note: All screencaptures are taken by me, if you want to use, please don't take off my "Simply TVB" link and please credit. Lots of people are taking my stuff, so I'm mentioning this from now on.

Tavia belongs in a salt gang, she is the daughter of the salt gang. Their salt gang gets betrayed by someone. She and her family gets separated. She accidentally falls into the sea and Raymond Wong saves her.

She and Raymond goes back to "Yeung Zhou" and Tavia finds out her parents have died and the person who betrayed them was Steven Ma, the one she loved. Steven met Tavia and they feel in love, Steven then joined the salt gang and betrayed them because he was an undercover from the government.

She wanted to take revenge but her kung fu wasn't as good to harm Steven.

Steven tells and asks Raymond to look after Tavia, he knows he cannot anymore. Also, Tavia currently lives with Raymond and his family.

Steven's mother wants Steven to get married, so they try to get him with Raymond Wong's sister. He refuses and sees Tavia and says:

Steven: Sing Suet, Listen to me! Yes, I lied to the Salt gang….But my love for you is totally real. I don’t hope anymore that you will believe or forgive me; I just want you to know…

Tavia: (she said something that means he’s pretending to be good or something)

Steven: Sing Suet, I’m not

Tavia: I don’t want to see you anymore


Episode 4 didn't had any of their scenes. But what happened was, Raymond's family, his sisters didn't like Tavia because Steven likes her. So they try getting her out of their place, they succed but when Tavia heard what Steven and Raymond said, she didn't.

And as for ep 5, I will talk abit when I have my next episode review up.

Anyway... so far I recon this series isn't bad, I like watching Steven amd Tavia! Hope they wil be more scenes of them soon.

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