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You're Hired Series Review
Name: You're Hired
Episodes: 20 (HK) 22 (overseas)
Genre: Modern, Business
Cast: Dayo Wong, Charmaine Sheh, Michael Tse, Teresa Lee, Power Chan, Mandy Cho, Benz Hui etc.

My Comments: This series was awesome, I really liked it. It was super funny. One of the best series in 2009. XD. Dayo is very funny, there were so much funny scenes that i can't count. I really like the tree holes parts, that is very funny, especially how Dayo says to the police, "Is there a law that you cannot confess your feelings to a tree hole?" And loved how he called it "Treehole Treatment"
But people like Michael Tse, Teresa Lee, I felt like they're only guest roles or something, especially Michael Tse. First he appears like in episode 11 or something and after all the episodes about the rice company, he disappears until the very end of the series, he appears for like one second, you can't even see him properly...LOL? Power and Mandy has a even bigger role I recon. I really disliked them when they blamed everything to Dayo when Dayo already warned in the end. I wonder why Koni is in the poster when her role was very small as well. It's like everyone is a guest role except for Charmaine and Dayo. LOL.
But overall the series was very good, lots of laughs when you watch it. I find it funny how Dayo finds himself in love with Charmaine and he says it out loud at night and Charmaine couldn't sleep and heard everything. Oh, and I also like the bit where Dayo and Charmaine is at a restaurant/cafe and then Dayo suddenly wanted to hold Charmaine's hand, their faces were so funny! Especially Dayo's! XD
At first, I wondered if this couple (Dayo and Charmaine) would work out, but in the end, it was okay!
Did everyone see this MV? It's awesome, I downloaded it, watch it! XD. Anyway, I'm not a very expressive person, I can't say much but I can say this series was really funny and good (which i said so many times already, sorry, all my reviews are so plain and boring.)

Dayo Wang (Mak Tai Song) - I like his smartness. His other series, Men Don't Cry and To Catch the Uncatchable wasn't as outstanding as You're Hired. In fact Men Don't Cry was very "mo lew" and stupid. No offense okay.

Charmaine Sheh (Lam Miu Miu) - Seriously haven't seen Charmaine in ages... her acting is still as good. I wonder if Lam Miu Miu would get Charmaine to get an award this year...

Michael Tse (On Jo Lin/Johnny) - As I said before, he was like a guestrole. Didn't like his character that much, wasn't as entertaining as Dayo and Charmaine. In fact a bit boring too... no offense again okay. Not his acting, just the character.

Teresa Lee (Sheh Mo Lin) - Is her Sheh the same as Charmaine SHEH? I thought it was "Yu" or something (character name). I wonder if they gave her SHEH because Charmaine's surname is SHEH. Her character boring too....

Actor: Dayo!
Actress: Charmaine!
Least Favorite Character: Dayo's mentor?
Funny Character: DAYO OF COURSE!!
Improved Character: -
Couple: Dayo and Charmaine
My Rate to this series: 9/10 *********

Worth Watching?
Yes! Definatley! If this was ancient, maybe you'll think about it coz many people don't like ancient, but this is MODERN and it's FUNNY! If you want a laugh, watch it! There may be scenes that aren't funny but still entertaining!

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