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Winter Melon Tale Review

Name: The Winter Melon Tale/大冬瓜
Episodes: 20
Cast: Sunny Chan, Lousie So, Liu Kai Chi, Rain Lau, Nancy Wu etc

My Comments: At first when i saw this series, it looked very boring to me, but when I started watching, i found that it wasn't too bad actually. It was quite funny too sometimes. But still, you can't say this series is very very good, but I recon it's alright. Ususally when I watch these kinda series, it gets very exciting especially how the humans find out that the godnesses are godnessess. But in Winter, it wasn't very interesting when they found out and I was like so anticipating for it. I recon some scenes weren't very good, not as in the acting though. But overall this series wasn't too bad, it's quite alright and I like it too. Watching fantasy series once in a while is good.

Liu Kai Chi - His character is alright, sometimes he's a bit funny. I likey that bad he has ^^ I want one!
Sunny Chan - His character is too nice, but the other side of him was worse. Usually nice characters are boring, he was boring ==" But got a bit more interesting when he turned bad, which wasn't he real self. Meaning he has good acting skills.

Louise So - Her character was alright. I don't really have anything against the main characters, more like the others?

Rain Lau - Her character is so bossy and stuff, but I don't seem to hate her. She's a bit funny at times too.

Nancy Wu - Her acting is quite alright too. But I recon that her powers are no match to Liu Kai Chi's. I think it's not even worth trying to take revenge, her powers aren't that good. Maybe it's just me but her powers seem to me is just not very good.

Jack Wu - His character was alright before but started to dislike him how he just don't get that Xi Xi is just playing on him and then he starts to blame everything on Mimi. Feel sorry for her.

Mimi Lo - Ususally I don't like Mimi's character, coz most of them are like...ot very likeable, but this is alright, she's very nice. Don't get why she can still be so nice to her cousin, Jack when he blames her for everything and shouts at her and etc.

The Six Disciples - They're kinda annoying at times but they're funny especially the magpie, whatever he says would come true. I thought they were gonna make them die when they were in the cave, Luckily that didn't, I thought that because of "Ten Brothers" And also, I kinda like that girl that follows Nancy. ^^

Actor - n/a
Actress - Louise So
Least Favorite Character: n/a
Improved Character - Nancy Wu
Favorite Couple - n/a
Scene - Funny Scenes.

Worth Watcing?
If you don't like watching fantasy but watch modern and more realistic stuff, you might not like it. But if you likey comedy as well, maybe you should give it a try.

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