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Twilight Investigation Review

Name: Twilight Investigation
Episodes 20
Genre: Modern
Cast: Wong Hei, Linda Chung, Raymond Wong, Johnson Lee, Power Chan etc

My Comments:
Been anticipating this series since Linda is playing a model but it was very unpexpected that she was actually playing a ghost and died in the first ep lol. The series is enjoyable, not like very very good but quite interesting to watch. I didn't watch the exact whole thing, missed around 5 episodes, won't be bothered to watch it online. So this will be just a short review of my thoughts to this series. The idea of making Linda a ghost is quite funny, but I still think the couple is weird lol. The ending was alright, but didn't expect the gun can kill the ghost?! I didn't remember wrong did I? I was wondering if Johnson and Raymond would guess if the girl was Linda since she said she would become that woman's daughter lol. Funny how the kids suddenly turned into adults. I also didn't expect Wong Hei to die just like that and what about the future that Linda had of Wong Hei having kids? Would that be the ending of him if he didn't die?
Anyway, I don't have THAT much thoughts now since its been a while and I can't remember THAT much. I do remember it was interesting to watch though, might people found Linda annoying, trying to act cute because she plays a model. Oh, I love the part where Linda accidently gets into Wong Hei's body and can't walk properly and walks so funnily!! Hehe XD

Actor: N/A
Actress: Linda Chung
Least Favorite Character: N/A
Funny Character: N/A
Improved Character: N/A
Couple: N/A
Scene: I don't think there is one in particular
My rate to this series: 6.5/10

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