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Can't Buy Me Love Episode 18
*I'm not sure if its just me? But I think this is supposed to be episode 17, but anyway, never mind about that*

Charmaine and the Kam Family is more like a family now.

Charmaine and Moses is liking each other

Linda goes to the mountains to pick some fruits or something out for the princess, it suddenly rains and Raymond comes. Above, Linda hopes the rain will stop and on the other hand, Raymond hopes the rain will be longer so he can carry her longer.

Fala and Kenneth starts to be friends.

As Susanna finds out that Raymond likes Linda, she talks to Linda in a good way telling her they are not the right families to be together since she is a servant.

Linda rejects Raymond when he confesses to her. She tells him happily that she likes someone else and when she turns away, her happy face is wiped away instantly. In the next episode, Raymond tries to forget Linda and Linda also moves to the princess' place instead.

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