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MR Episode 28 & 29
Note: Credits to Tavia Yeung Network for the screencap of Tavia and Moses crying together
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 28 & 29 Kate finally shows her evilness. Tavia and Moses are going to to Hawaii. Kate doesn't like it and she gets Tavia's passport and chucks it away and goes home saying she lost it with tears. Tavia gets really angry. And later, Kate starts going out with Moses. And also, Tavia found out that Kate actually has a son. She couldn't hold it anymore and blured it out but that's just what Kate wanted to. Kate keeps saying that Tavia is making it up but she actually has a "sponser child" not a real son. Tavia gets really angry and she makes a person up and asks the College to tell them the mother of Ronald which is Kate's son. Kate knew it was Tavia and she made a fake letter and sends it to Tavia. Tavia shows it to everyone and it ends up that the letter is fake and everyone doesn't believe Tavia. Tavia gets angry and sad and runs away. Later Tavia writes a letter to Lousie and says sorry and explains everything and also says that she "did" fall in love with Moses coz Sa said it before but Tavia said she doesn't. They all go to the phone centre and sees Tavia.
Next episode, Kate and Moses are together and Tavia sees them together and she starts getting sad again. Also, Moses was going to let Kate do the function of diamond watches but then Tavia got a better idea and let her.

Tavia and the people practises it but Kate comes and ruines it. When its the real thing, Kate calls Sa to make a prank call to Tavia saying that Moses got in a car crash and telling her to come. So then Kate ended up doing "her" idea instead of Tavia's.

On the dinner table, Louside states that she will give herself a 98% mother teacher out such a nice daughter Ah Yuet. Then they start having fights, Sa with Lousie. Moses can't stand it anymore and finally says to Kate. "We're finished" He also said something like this: "Sexy is not the biggest, Feel is not the biggest, Love is not the biggest!!!" shouting at Kate. He also says that nothing is more important than his family.

Moses says sorry to Tavia and they cry together. And there the episode ends.

My Comments: Firstly, credits to Tavia Yeung Network for that screencap...And...I wonder what Kate's gonna do next...I can't wait to see Moses starts liking Tavia! :) LOLS

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