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Don Juan DeMercado Review
Name: Don Juan DeMercado
Episodes: 6
Genre: Love, Entertainment, Modern
Cast: Wong Cho Lam, Bosco Wong, Christine Kuo, Kitty Yuen, Kate Tsui, Joel Chen etc

My Comments:
After reading the synopsis, i got interested in this series. Though it was short, it was quite enjoyable watching this series. But I find this series quite exaggerating! XD Like I have said before, they exaggerate too much on Wong Cho Lam's appearance. Personally, I dont think Wong Cho Lam is THAT ugly or anything, just a little short. They did something to his eyes right? They look so sleepy...And they also exgerated how 'good-looking' Bosco is.

It's quite interesting watching once in a while these kinda series. Though its very unrealstic. I thought they went over a bit by saying that Christine made those choclate or should i say 'medicine' up and she turned into that fat man and gave him that heart shaped chocolate. I actually had the idea before watching that would it be in the end that Kitty ate the magical choclate like Wong Cho Lam and turned into Christine? But I was very close, it was the other way round. It was Christine eating that 'chocolate' that SHE made and turned into Kitty.

It's also quite obvious that Wong Cho Lam chooses not to turn into Bosco. He'll lose himself and etc if he does. But anyway, the ending wasn't too bad after all. I enjoyed watching this 6 episode drama. But didn't like how TVBJ put it on once a week, took me ages to finish this. I liked the end part where Bosco goes up to a random person wanting him to say, "You're Gan Lik Shun!" But instead the guy went, "You're Bosco Wong!!" Haha, that was funny ^^

And I now get why in the official poster, Kate wasn't in the picture but instead Christine was. It'sactually just two characters with another side of themselve. Kate really loved Bosco in here... well his FACE... but really him. She totally avioded him when seeing him in his real form. I like the addition of gues roles, especially Kenneth Ma! XD Ep 2 and 6.

Wong Cho Lam (Gung Yan Tung) - This series kinda tells us to 'be yourself' and also for the love season. I dont have much to say actually...

Bosco Wong (Gan Lik Shun) - I enjoyed watching Bosco parts ^^ I don't really have much to say really...

Christine Kuo (Yeung Sin Wah) - I recon the ending went really quickly, how they suddenly said that she actually liked WCL back from highschool and suddenly that she made all those chocolates. Her voice is really dubbed and her character only appears like in ep 1 and 6?

Kitty Yuen (Ging Ji Ko) - Liked her intro, "Watashi wa Ging Ji Ko desu."

Kate Tsui (Tse On Fei) - I didn't particular like Kate's character. She liked Bosco but yea like I said before, she only likes his face.

Actor: Bosco ^^
Actress: Hm... Chrisitine? She needs to improve.
Least Favorite Character: N/A
Couple: N/A
My Rate to this series: 3/5 ***

Worth Watching?
Well, its only 6 episodes, I think its not bad. Quite interesting, just think that they rushed the end a bit. And exgerated parts of the story.

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