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Can't Buy Me Love Episode 4 - 5

Linda was saved by Raymond, Moses and Louis, they treat her to dumplings and they found out that she can eat A LOT. Raymond helps Linda find someone she has helped before and that person said he will help her when she is in trouble but when that person is found, he deny it.

Raymond lets Linda into the Kam Family to be a servant. She goes to see Selena, she asks if Linda can only eat half a bowl of rice. She says yes or else she can't get the job. Then we see Linda's ultimate strength, able to chop the wood easily.

Raymond is being recruited for some leader for something. Charmaine goes to the family and then Fala and Raymond gets into a fight to see Raymond's true strength (Raymond is lying about learning kung fu from Shao Lin, he kinda got kicked out?!) Then Linda faints because of starvation. Raymond uses her as an excuse to distract him and he gets defeated by Fala. Moses then curses Fala.

After the curse, Fala gets in pain, she gets a weird disease. She thinks she will die. Charmaine said if she can overcome this stage, she will let her out of the palace and live a peaceful life.

Charmaine finds something lost, accused the Kam Family to have stolen it. In the end of this episode, it was found in Linda's basket. Linda is then taken away to see if she really was the person who stole it.
Kam Family found in the end that it was Selena that found Charmaine's thing... And put it in Linda's basket but in the end Linda tripped and everything fell out and they found it from the basket.

Linda then helps Fala with her disease and she has recovered. Charmaine and Linda is chatting here and found out they are from the same place, "Tin Ping Cheun"

Susanna is going to give Charmaine some gifts, I won't bother with the reason. Selena sees Louis and the servants wiping the vase clean ready to send to the princess. She tries to push it to the floor and brake it but Louis catches it. Haha, that was so funny. Then Selena tells the truth to Louis that the case is fake, she has changed it to help her mother's side family.
Selena and Louis then disguise as a grandma and grandpa to sell this expensive herb thing from the king. Fala sees them found something suspicious.

The princess goes to the Kam Family and let them know what Louis and Selena has done. And Fala finds out that Raymond was faking his arm being broken. They got Lee Heung Kam VERY mad and she started to shout at Charmaine saying that she is causing their family arguments, turning their peaceful and happy family to turn bad and hit her head. Everyone was shocked.

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