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Series Review: The Buliding Blocks of Life

Name: The Buliding Blocks of Life/TBBOL
Episodes: 20
Cast: Alex Fong, Tavia Yeung, Christine Ng, Timmy Hung, Natalie Tong, Power Chan etc
Quick Synopsis:
A interior design company owner Issac Chung (Alex Fong Chung Sun) used to be the favourite student of Kwong Shing Yue (Chung King Fai), Kwong Shing Yue gave up on this dream and take up his father's business after this father passed away. Issac Chung then left this job as being an architect, and he had relationship with Ching Wai Yee (Christine Ng) for 6 years. Then Cheung Man Ching (Tavia Yeung) appeared in his life and later on they started to have relationship and after it became an triangle love.
My Comments:
From the start to the end, I did not liked this show at all, it was so boring. They should make some productions that are more interesting or maybe a little funny, isn't Alex Fong is a little too old for Tavia? Well, I don't know but I think they do kinda look good together but of coruse Tavia can be way better with others. Well, at first I did think it would be a okay series but it was not at all, really boring, I should of knew that already when I saw the ad on TV, looked boring as well, I just don't have any other words to decribe this series, Boring, thats all.
Main Cast thoughts:
Alex Fong: I acaully reliased he has been in alot of romance series just like The bulidings Block of Life, but a boring one, also I found that he's in these two tawain series, both romance, Dreams Link and New Breath Of Love. I haven't watched them before but a little I did, just didn't interested me so couldn't be bothered watching them. Okay, back to TBBOL, his character in there, was quite stubborn, which is boring....just don't have anything else to say about him right now.
Tavia Yeung: She became one of my fave actress, when I finished watching this series, Tavia was the only one I was interested in, I think she improved a lot in this series, like her crying scenes like how I said before about my fave actress.
Chritine Ng: She was boring too, I started to dislike her when the part she thought Alex and Tavia was dating or something, that really pissed me off, just didn't like those scenes and didn't like her when she was trying to throw away Alex's pass to get to other places in China. And also when she followed Alex to this place I forgot where and also where she was following Tavia to check on them but Tavia knew alread. Also didn't like her when she was all crazy when Tavia went into Alex's room.
Actor: None
Actress: Tavia Yeung
Least Favourite Character: Power Chan
Improved Character: Natalie Tong
Couple: Alex Fong and Tavia Yeung
Scene: Last scene where Tavia forgets Alex and then suddenly calls him
Worth Watching?:
To me, I'd say its not worth watching, I didn't wanted to watch it but then there was nothing to watch. But maybe othe people have other thoughts and think it s good series but to me, it has just entered my list of boring series.

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