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a bride for a ride series review
Name: A Bride for a Ride
Episodes: 21
Genre: ancient
Cast: chin ka lot, sammul chan, louisa so, nancy wu, gigi wong, rain lau, lee kwok lun etc

My Comments:
i anticipated for this series. in the end it was okay. at the beginning, i find the series quite funny, but towards the middle, it wasn't as good as i expected it to be. they were trying to make stuff funny but some scenes fail. i find those "trying to sing" scenes, like those ones like chinese opera or something, its really fake. they really fail to make it funny, i know those scenes are suppose to be funny, but i don't find it funny at all. instead, i find other scenes more funny. about those chinese opera kinda singing, i've seen other series do it, they were more funny, some weren't funny, but they seem more like it and more lively while a bride for a ride makes it weird. or maybe i misunderstood the real idea they're trying to do, but i just recon they didn't a very good job. and the storyline is VERY like... unnecessary (mo lew = pronouce in canto, sorry to those that aren't canto) like the scenes where sammul and lee kwok lun had to go to war. i mean "what the hell?!" they're only talented in like studying? what's the word =.=" (文人) not in fighting (武人). i'm not saying its a very bad series, but its good to watch when you're bored or lack ... laughs?? LOL But the NG clips were funny. They should add NG clips to the end on every single series to entertain us while the credits are on. Agree?

Chin Ka Lot (Wong Lo Fu) - Haven't seen him film much, only in this and Gods of Honor. He's okay I guess. And they make him sound so evil in the series but i don't find anything evil much of him O.o

Sammul Chan (Chow Man Bun) - I anticipated for him dressed as a girl alot, in the end it kinda disappointed me because I thought he won't get discovered so early in the end, it was one whole episode he gets discovered. His acting is quite okay too.

Louisa So (Mou Saam Noeng) - after watching wasabi, i didn't like louisa. but now she's okay. i actually missed her first appearance, that episode...didn't record or watch it again. also sammul and nancy's first meeting too..

Nancy Wu (Wong Sau Ying) - Nothing much special about Nancy's character. She played very elegantly with the hand geatures. Her story with Sammul is a bit... boring.. haha.

Lee Kwok Lun (Chuk Chi San) - He is so funny, I liked his character and Rain's, they're hilarous and their story is funny... And OMG the scene of them were SOO funny, i mean the bit where they got married and Lee Kwok Lun holds a book and they call each other by "San San" and "Fei Fei" HAHA

Gigi Wong (Wong Lau Bing Tai) - I like seeing her NG scenes, there were funny, she hides her smile behind the fan and once she turned around to laugh XD Mimi Chu is funny too, especially the last scene how she revealed that she actually "don't" have a good "body" they were handkercheifs.

Rain Lau (Wong Kwai Fei) - Like i said before, She and Lee Kwok Lun are so funny!! XD I loved that last scene!! XD

Actor: I wouldn't say Chin Ka Lot. Maybe Sammul Chan
Actress: Louisa So
Least Favorite Character: Lau Gun << I like his nickname though (Yim Yen??)
Funny Character: The King! XD
Improved Character: Nancy? Macy? She was funny XD
Couple: None in particular
Scene: Many funny ones, eg Sammul as a girl
My Rate to this series: 7.5/10 *******.5

Worth Watching?
Well, not excatly but like I said before, if you lack laughing XD then give it a go. But might bore you in the end? I don't know. But if you're a Sammul or Nancy or whoever's fan, then I guess you don't need to hestitate?

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