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MR Episode 31
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 31
Sa annouces that she is going to leave hk due to her husband can't find a job in hong kong. But in the end they stayed because Lousie offered him to work at "Hor Ma's Bakery"
Moses and Tavia had a function based on brides, the client suddenly wants a few more. Moses said he and Tavia can go up but Tavia didn't want to. So she had a excuse that the wedding dress didn't fit her. Moses knew why and they started talking it. Moses knew it's because of the letter. Later, Kate is trying to do something again. She asks Jimmy, a old friend of Kate's brother. Jimmy pretends to be Ronald's father (dunno if its true though) and asks Kate for money. Kate refuses and Moses sees and helps her out. Tavia knew what's REALLY happening. Moses heart attack is appearing...
On the other hand, Linda has broke up with Bosco. Bosco then breaks up with Claire and gets back with Linda. But Bosco is actually lieing.
And, Ha Yu and Lee Huang Kum are trying to get their bakery back from Michelle.

Moses helps Chris and Chris gets a higher spot for work now.

My Comments: I used to quite like Bosco's character but now..seeing him "one leg on two boats" i think he character is getting a bit...maybe "fa sum"? But i believe he's trying to like give responabilites to Claire. Just don't like the fact he lies to Linda.

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