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A Chip Off The Old Block Thoughts
The reason why this is a 'Thoughts' but not a 'Review' because I didn't watch the whole thing. But this post will still be located at 'Series Reviews'

I have watched the beginning of this and the end of this. The reason why I didn't watch the whole thing is because I went overseas as everyone knows. And I cbb watching the middle. Overall the parts I have watched aren't bad, the ratings weren't bad either. I heard they're gonna make a sequel? With 'mum' instead of 'dad' this time. Wonder if they're keeping the same cast...

Sunny Chan (Chor Fan) - Uhh his character is just plain boring... Why are ALL Sunny characters these kinda personalities... they're all nice and everything... quite boring...

Ron Ng (Chor Chi) - On the other hand, Ron's character is way more interesting, he did improve his acting skills.

Myolie Wu (So Fung Lei) - I like the nickname they gave her. I find it funny when Myolie started to have feelings for Sunny but she doesn't notice it, its so funny ^^ But their ending disappoints me.

Shirley Yeung (Ching Lan Fun) - I've read reviews, everyone seems to think Shirley's character is loud and annoying? And pitys her about that arugement with her mother. Well, I did pity her but I liked her character, kinda funny too.

John Chiang (Ko Shan Cheun) - He's a funny character as well. Love the part where Ron saw Shirley getting changed and then the next scene, Shirley and her mother is asking him what he's gonna do to solve the problem and he copys their sayings asking Sunny instead. LOL.

Gigi Wong (Tam Lan Ching) - Its quite funny when she and John aruges but I find it a bit weird when she started all the marriage thingy with John. She semt so mean to Shirley about the arugement.

Nancy Wu (Leung Pin Pin) - I didn't see much scenes with Nancy, only a few so nothing much to comment about.

Sunny and Myolie (Chor Fan & So Fung Lei) - They're OKAY but I seriously hate their ending. Disappointed me. I seriously thought Myolie was Ron's mother but lol... he wasn't even Sunny's father. That point also disappointed me. Sunny's character is such a nice person, why wouldn't find another girl. The end where Sunny and Ron tries to find Myolie was just... weird...too lol. Travelling AGAIN?! If they're making a sequel, I recon making a whole new story will be better, and maybe different period of time.

Ron and Shirley (Chor Chim & Ching Lan Fun) - I enjoyed watching them. I kept thinking what kinda ending will they have. That ending was great. Way better than Sunny an Myolie's one. I wanted to watch that photo scene but I missed it... It was funny how both Shirley and Louis' daughter thinks Ron likes them.. lol?! And they they had a fight in the middle of the street... lol.

Actor: Ron Ng
Actress: Shirley Yeung (I don't really like Myolie but I do admit her acting is good but she's not a fave so I choose Shirley instead)
Least Favorite Character: That manager of Do Do Shopping!!
Improved Character: No Idea... didn't really see the whole thing
Couple: Ron and Shirley
Scene: The parts where Ron keeps saying to them "Don't worry, you have at least 70/80 years of life" Esp where he told Sunny that and then Myo goes "What about me?" And Ron goes "Then I don't know" That made me laugh. So funny! XD
My Rate to this series: 7.5/10 *******.5

Worth Watching?
Well it depends, its not THAT funny but it is at times, I did enjoy watching it but not sure if its the type of series you'll wanna watch. Gicve it a go?

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