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The Silver Chamber of Sorrows - Episode 11
Warning: The screencaps are not mine, credits to whoever made those screencaps, I'm not sure who it is though and also, for the conversation down ther, it's not excatly the same but most of them are there.
The Confession
In this episode, Charmaine Li asked Shirley to give something to Jack to show him that Charmaine likes him. Shirley accidentally lost it and Yu Lan and the 2nd wife of Paul Chun saw it and spreads rumours about Jack and Charmaine and the rumours were horrible, they even said Charmaine is pregeant. Then by the time Shirley went to Jack and show him it, she gave him a piece of paper instead, she drew it out coz she lost it. Then a bunch of servants/maids came out and keeps saying Jack is bad and etc. Then Jack said:

Jack: Actually...I already have someone I like! The peson I like is...Shirley!
Shirley: *shocked* Hey! Since when did I become the person you like?
Jack: Actually, I liked you since I was small but I didn't have work and etc. And also, I gave you a present, I've grown o big and it's only my first time giving a girl a present
Shirley: Hey! When did you give me a present? Don't just say anything!
Jack: I did! The toads!
Shirley: Those? Now you say... and it was YOU who made it scared of them.

I can't remember what else they said but Jack also told Shirley to not be so stuborn because Shirley keeps thinking that Jack always give her bad luck. Then Matt Yeung just stuck in his but and said, : Who would give a girl tolads as a present?

My Comments: So? What do you think? Did you watch this episode? I liked this scene. I can't wait to see how Shirley acts to him alter in other episodes.

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