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In The Eye of Beholder Review
Name: In The Eye of Beholder/秋香怒點唐伯虎
Episodes: 20
Genre: Period, Comedy
Cast: Moses Chan, Myolie Wu, Ha Yu, Fala Chen, Johnson Lee, Elaine Yiu, Chris Lai etc

My Comments
I've been anticipating for this drama, it turned out alright. In the beginning, it was quite funny but there were some boring parts of the story. Towards where they talk about history and how Bak Fu helps Prince Ning re-make this book or something was very boring in my opinion.
TVB totally changed the story of Tong Bak Fu. I think it's "九唔Dap八" I think they should of focused on the story of Bak Fu chasing after Chau Heung as Wah On in The Wah Family more. I mean I was so shocked they made everyone found out he was Tong Bak Fu i the 6th or 7th episode. All that history stuff was pointless in the story.

I think it'd probably be a better drama if they talked more about them in The Wah Family than about other stuff. The word ""九唔Dap八" appeared in my head so many times through out the story == And also that Bou Sai Kit and that gang thing, that was so unnecessary. Dunno if people have or not, but I have watched Stephen Chow's 'Flirting Scholar' That was way better, short and funny, not as much pointless stuff, even if there was, they made it funny. I'd recommend that movie more than this drama.

But I liked the addition of Wat Gei to the story how he follows Bak Fu around, he was on hilarous character. Loved the part where he says that himself and Sek Lau was "three cries" unlike Chau Heung and Bak Fu "three smiles" The ending was alright. I liked Fala's ending, a girl version of Tong Bak Fu? Lol. Bit exggerating how at first she didn't know anything. Myo and Moses' ending was weird, how'd they get so fatt? Lol. Johnson was once again hilarous in the end... it was funny but I'd like it if it waas a joke and that he actually ended up with Sek Lau. Oh, and also find it funny how they try to test Chau Heung and guess who is Bak Fu in a crowd of people, she always gets the right person, I wonder how? XD


Moses Chan (Tong Bak Fu) - Moses is also funny, love that expression thingy he makes all the time in the beginning, "Ah Che" Ha Yu's laugh too ^^

Myolie Wu (Chau Heung) - I've always wondered.. is Chau Heung a real person? I guess not? I really dislike Myo's hairstyle, it looks like a jungle O.O Chau Heung is supposed to be pretty, they should of made a prettier one. Fala's one is so nice!
Costume Rating: 1/5

Fala Chen (Chu Ting Yuk) - I liked Fala. Actually liked her when she was all mean coz it was funny. Didn't really like when she started liking Bak Fu. Yeah, like I said before, I liked her ending.
Coustume Rating: 4.5/5

Johnson Lee (Wat Gei) - He was funny ^^ These are my fav funny scenes that he make, they're not THAT funny but he just makes it sound funny to me ^^
- They plan to change the new Wah On's name and Johnson sugguest "Wah Tin"
- They need to guess what Fala wants (the fan) and Wat Gei says himself and Fala tells her to shut up and he goes, "She likes women"
- Etc... There was one more, but suddenly forgot

Elaine Yiu (Shek Lau) - Ah Elaine's character was very small :/ Not important or anything, not breakthrough either :/ Hope she gets a better one next time :)
Costume Rating: 2.5/5

Actor: Moses
Actress: Don't really have one
Least Favorite Character: Bou Sai Kit
Improved Character: Johnson Lee
Funny Character: Johnson Lee
Couple: N/A
Favorite Scene: None in particular, the part where they found out Bak Fu was Bak Fu was exciting but it could be more exciting if it was another way than the king finding out.
My Rate to this series: 5/10

Worth Watching?
Hm...sorry I don't really recommend it. Only some parts were interesting. Well, you can watch if your fav is in I guess XD But I'd recommend 'Flirting Scholar' by Stephen Chow more ^^

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