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Beyond The Realm of Conscience Ep 5

Warning: May contain spoilers for those who have not started watching

Lee Kwok Lun wants to kill Charmaine and give the crime to the japanese so the king has an excuse to kill the japanese but luckily Moses save Sam Hao from killed.

And Kevin also wins the chess game with the japanese.

It seems that Vin Choi likes Tavia here, he gives Tavia a braclet and Susanna and the other three "Sheung Gong" passes by and sees her with Vin. She gets told off.

Tavia then meets Moses. This scene was cute ^^ Tavia was asking Moses that is she pretty and would he make her a concubine, though she was only joking, she said it loudly and Tsui Ma Ma overhears the conversation.

Tsui Ma Ma tells the Grand Empress and Tavia gets hit. Moses saves her.

Susanna and Michelle is once arguing again, Susanna finds a book from Michelle's room to prove she's gulity or something.


Sorry my episode reviews are not detailed, so you have to watch it to get what i mean, especially why Susanna and Michelle was fighting again.

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