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E.U Episode 23 - 25 Review
Laughing had died, Ron has always didn't want to use Yau Yau to climb up in Chong Heng. But this time he accpeted Yau Yau.

Ron told Yau Yau not to tell her father that they are together but Michael finds out easily.

Yau Yau isn't happy that Ron always spend his time doing work and not with her. So she pretends to be pregeant. But Ron finds out its fake.

Yau Yau wants to see Ron all the time like Sammul and Yuek Bo (Kaki). So she asked her father if Ron can live at their house since their house is so big. Michael says yes, Ron moves in.

Soon, Yau Yau and Sum Jeh finds out that Ron is an undercover. They even tried him. But they are still not too sure if he is or not.

Ron and Sammul are agruing. Sammul finds out Laughing is a undercover and he killed him.

Sammul has a dream of Laughing.

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