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Gem of Life Review (ii)
Gem of Life Review (ii)
Gigi Lai (Contance Hong):
Gigi's character was alright, I liked how she is very kinda and etc, but she's a bit TOO nice, which gets tricked really easily. I also don't really like how she cries everytime something happens. Her crying scenes were great, but she cries too much like a crybaby. And also, she is very postive that she has to even control people or something? I just think she's too nice and thinks way TOO positive. But I like her character more than others.
Maggie Siu (Sylvia Hong):
Maggie's character is alright too? I don't like her that much, there were times I liked her and times I don't. I hate how she used her family near the end bit. It was very sad how Gigi was crying finding out even her biggest sister lied to her, she felt really betrayed.
Ada Choi (Jessica Hong):
I don't like her character much, I recon she is evil and selfish, but someties I think she's alright, when she DOES care about her family though. I felt heart broken for Gigi to have a little sister like her when she actually even THOUGHT about killing her, a important family member, just to get away from crime.
Moses Chan (Terrence Ho):
Moses ia alright, I enoyed his and Gigi's scenes but not in the beginning how they were so boring. I didn't like how he kinda betrayed Gigi. But they are such a cute couple in the end though.
Bowie Lam (Calvin Ko):
His character was funny in the beginning how he and Maggie always hated each other, I enjoyed watching their beginning but the middle how she kept helping her, I just didn't like watching that. I don't like that much in the middle but beginning and end was alright.
Wong Hei (Shek Tai Wor):
He's alright I guess. His character is boring? But he's really nice. I wish he ended up with Ada but they didn't talk much about it.
Linda Chung (Elise Sung):
Linda's character is alright too. I don't particular like much characters expect for Linda and Gigi. Linda's character was bad at the beginning, I liked how she acted so evil, so different from her usual roles, so I enjoyed watching her.
Bosco Wong (Will Shek):
He is alright too, I like watching him and Linda, so sweet of him to remember back the days of him and her and the pen! And then he goes to America to find him. So less of their scenes though and I actually skipped quite alot due to some reasons.
Sunny Yau (Kenny Wong):
He is alright..I don't have much to talk about him. But was so suprised that he character was gay.
Don't feel like talking about Lee Sze Kei and John Chiang. I think one more review of GOL will come soon and new banner up soon!

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