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Ghetto Justice Thoughts

Yes, this will just be a very short thoughts of mine of this series since I haven't really watched the FULL thing. I was going to skip this series but then I heard many good responses to this series so I started watching it, but I didn't start from ep 1 since I watch from the tv. I might watch ep 1 or something on the net if I have time.
Anyway, this series was pretty good, I enjoyed watching it but the cast was really unappealing to me, it unmotivates me sometimes, no offense to their fans but I really find the cast not appealing. But yes the storyline was pretty interesting to watch. I didn't watch all the cases but most of the ones I've watched was pretty good. I didn't get to see much of the chemistry between the couples so yea. But Myo and Kev seemed like a cute couple to me at the end. The ending of the series is not too bad I guess. I didn't like the fact that he went into jail but overall it was alright. The part where Myo chucked her "blow kiss" over to Kevin, reminds me one of the movies by Stephen Chow, something similar happened but not jail, a basketball court ^^. It was unexpected for me to see Sharon Chan dying in the series, I thought she'd survive but she didn't, she didn't really have such a good life :/ Poor...uhh his boyfriend.. whatever his name was xD I liked Kevin's character, he was pretty funny and yea, I really don't have that much to talk about since I didn't watch a lot of this, pretty much just watched middle bits and pieces and the ending. But if you ask me if this is worth watching, i think it is. :D

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