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Suspects In Love Thoughts
My Comments:
Never anticipated and was boring. Never watched the ending to this and also missed some episodes, therefore not going to write a full review, just some small thoughts to it. The ONLY thing i enjoyed about this series was Him Law and Mandy Wong's relationship. They were interesting to watch, the ONLY interesting part of the series. I recon the cast wasn't appealing at all. I actually like Sharon and Joe more as a couple. Don't know why but anyway, I don't really know the ending but guessing that Flora ended with Joe? I recon this series is very STUPID... how he's an undercover to check Flora out. SO stupid. And he stays there for so long, no excitement to the series at all. Only some parts were more interesting. eg. Him goes to the Herbal Tea Shop because he got injured. And etc.
Also, I think Power's character is very.. weird. He's really bias. Starts hating and changing his view on Him after discovering that he's Joe's brother. I seriously DON'T get why he hates Joe THAT much. Or did I miss some part telling? I don't think so? He keeps picking on Joe. What was he ending anyway? I think his character was a bit over exaggerated. Guess he doesn't like Joe coz he only has a look but nothing else and that the fact his sister, Sharon Chan likes him.
Lol, was Louis' character really necessary?

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