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Series Review: A Journey Called Life

Name: A Journey Called Life/金石良缘/AJCL (Official Site)
Episodes: 20
Cast: Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Kent Cheng, Fala Chen, Raymond Cho
SZE KA-KA (Chung Linda) becomes disobedient since her mother passed away at her young age. KA desperately searches for her mother's cremains which she has no idea why they have gone missing. Eventually, she is able to find the cremains in SHING KAM-SHEK's (Cheng Jut Si) stone factory. KA's love to her mother impresses SHEK and his disciple SHING YAT-ON (Ma Steven) a lot. ON helps KA to solve many of her problems, he also finds her a job in his sister SHING MEI-SUM's (Chen Fala) company. KA appreciates all the things ON has done for her. Clearly, she adores him, but she does not confess her love to him because of her self-contempt. The love chance comes by the time when SHEK is staying in the hospital. KA replaces SHEK as the Marathon trainer to ON.SUM is a money-oriented woman who wants to marry a rich man. She involves herself in a threesome with SHEK's son KAM WING-LOI (Cho Wing Lim) and her boss TUNG KA-CHEUNG (Cheng Tse Sing). She gets pregnant accidentally. Later, she has an abortion because she does not want the baby to ruin her chance to getting rich. The family is bitterly disappointed in SUM. SUM does not repent what she has done. SUM injures KA whom is pregnant by drunk driving. ON loses his battle for life since then.
My Comments: This series is actually quite good to me. First time I saw the picstures, I thought this series might be a little boring, but it actually ended up good. I think this series is quite meaningful. It's really like telling you how a preson's life is. It's really 'A Journey Called Life'! The English name is named right! The chinese one is....I don't know...It's followed by Kent's name in the series. It's really telling us a story, like for example, everyone has made mistakes in their life, just like Sze Ka Ka (Linda) she's been a bad girl but she has changed in the end and for Steven, he's a good guy in there but there are also things that he needs to face, just like how her daughter died and then Fala, her sister died, both at the same time. But luckily, he standed back up again.
Main Cast Thoughts:
Steven Ma: He improved, I started to like him a little after watching 'The Gentle Crackdown II' since he improved in that one too, but he's also good in this one. He plays a reallynice guy in the series, I guess a lot of girls wants that type of guy, but thoseones are more simple.
Linda Chung: Linda greatly improved too, she improved her crying scenes and etc. Even in the other series she's been in, she wasn't that good but in this one, she's better! She's entered my top favourite list! I really like her hair when she has turned back good, how she moves her fringe to the side, it looks really pretty!
Kent Cheng: HAHA, he's quite funny in the series, He keeps calling his son, 'Bad Boy' and all these stuff he says are funny, eg. he says 'brain moving' or something but in chinese and 'super dumb' or something, its really funny. Guess the dircetor told him to say those, not really his own language maybe.
Fala Chen: Fala totally improved too, her evil kinda role was well done. Though I dont really like her role, but she need well. Keep Going Fala! In this kinda story, Fala's role suits it, telling us how life is...
Actor: Steven Ma
Actress: Linda Chung
Least Favrite Character: Fala and Raymond's Boss
Improved Character: Elaine Yiu
Couple: Steven and Linda!
Scene: Steven and Linda scenes, eg. their kissing scene
My rate to this series: ****
Worth Watching?
Yes, as I was saying, It's quite meaningful to watch! Even though their are some boring scenes, it's an alright series, go for it!
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