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MR Episode 8
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 8
Lousie's Dad doesn't want to change the bakery's name so instead, they sue them with Sa's money. Saying that stole their shop name. But in the end, they losed. Ha Yu and Michelle were lying in the court. So they lose to them. And after the case was finished, Sa was really mad and she says that Michelle is something doing with drugs. Michelle got mad and decided to sue her, or else she'll have to give $4000000.

Louise went over to theiur house to talk to them. They don't have $4000000. Lousie asked Wayne Lai to go with her, she asked them to receive their $200000. But they wouldn't and Lousie accidentally tripped over and her back was as sore as ever.

There was a reason why Lousie asked Wayne Lai to go there, she thought that if Michelle won't receieve the $200000, she will count all her bad things about that she has done to her children and since Wayne was the witness.

One of them, Lousie mentioned that, when Linda was going overseas, she didn't like it and rang back telling her mum, so Michelle got Vincent to go over their and study with her so she will get used to it. But later, Linda got into a good school so Vincent got left alone. Linda heard it and was crying, Michelle still won't recieve the money, Linda went up to Lousie and said, " Stop begging! $4000000, Fine! I'll help you!"

Ha Yu was crying too, later he couldn't stand it and receieved the money. He mentioned that he actually wan't that happy, but he needs 'Face' (lol) And then he went off and ignored Michelle.

My Comments: This episode was exciting! The last scene was funny, but I didn't screencap it, it was saying Wayne and Sussanna aurging, that was so funny. This episode has lots of fights, I loved the funny one and especially the one with Michelle and Lousie.

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