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Ghost Writer Episode 9

This scene is so cute ^^ I didn't expect they will develop feelings for each other so fast ^^ Already the beginning of a love triangle... Raining and Steven gets one of those big leaves as an umbrella :)

At first, Steven asked Linda out for fireworks festival or something but then Steven finds out that Sunny likes Linda. So I guess he decides to give up on Linda and let Sunny have her...
We can see that Linda likes Steven too ^^ She is praying for him~

Finally since episode 2, Fala appears again!! Love her character so much, she appears in a guy's outfit because she promised to not find Steven as Siu Tsui or else her fox tail will grow as long as it can so therefore she 'pretends' to be her older brother and made up a name randomly called "Ling Wu Dai Dang" Meaning "Big Light" Haha! XD

As Fala is a fox. she doesn't understand much human language. So funny this part. Steven asks why she comes to their town. She doesn't have an answer so he asks whether it is for business, she goes, "what is a business?"
what i find MORE funny is when Steven tells her not to show her money so casually or else she might have danger and she goes, "Sorry, I have just came here, what is danger?"

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