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2009 Series Short Review
Didn't watch: In The Chamber Of Bliss
Still Watching: Beyond The Realm Of Conscience (6 eps to go) and Born Rich (heaps to go)

Rosy Business: This was definitely a good series with the highest ratings this year, or maybe second since I heard BTROC's ratings went peaking 52. The cast is appealing and has portrayed their role well. Wayne and Sheren definitely shined in this series.

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience: Haven't yet finished this but nearly. This is one good series which shall win Best Drama this year. Tavia's first villian role, she played evilly inside, totally changed her character from good to evil while Charmaine is always good. Again, the cast is appealing, much more appealing than RB too. Tavia's evilness is actually just reality, many people in life are like that.

Born Rich: Haven't yet finished this either. This series isn't too bad nor good. It's funny at times, especially at the beginning but it gets much ore serious throughout the middle. Seeing Gallen changes slowly trying to climb up, his relationship with Anita and Joe, they're all quite interesting but you have to admit, there are boring times...

You're Hired: This is a very good comedy drama. Loved it. Though I recon you can't really say there's a supporting cast other than Teresa. Everyone disappears after their little story. Anyway, this series was just really funny, many scenes crackled me up laughing sooo much.

E.U: I wasn't going to put E.U in this category but then I thought, this year I have so less 'the good' might as well put it in since E.U wasn't a bad series either. Ron has improved a lot in this series, Michael M was interesting to watch where Michael T's undercover identity was totally shocking. This series is full of suprises and interest.

I have a lot of 'the okay' this year.

Pages Of Treasure: This series was really just OKAY. Wayne's character wasn't much special, just his usual roles except that he was the main character this time. I think this story is very peaceful like, only little problems.

Sweetness In The Salt: This wasn't as good as I expected it to be. Steven and Tavia's relationship started before already. I like watching ones how they meet and etc but I guess this series isn't based on romance, but more about salt. But I don't really like this series.

The Winter Melon Tale: It was good at the beginning, this isn't a bad series but definitely boring if you re-watch. Firstly the cast isn't appealing, secondly the plot is kinda weird and maybe a bit stupid... no offense, I think many people have same thought.

A Bride For A Ride: I anticipated for this, it was one funny series. But some scenes are just weird, like how Chin Ka Lot was swing his hair... unnecessary... I dislike those 'singing' scenes, they're trying to make it sound funny but it seriously fails to. I liked the beginning the most, quite interesting and funny. Lee Kwok Lun was one funny character, loved the end part too, the VERY end with all three paires of them getting married.

Man In Charge: Ah this series was funny too, I liked it a lot. Just sad that Kate dies in the end. Kenneth's character was funny here, liked Leila too. Really not much to say about this, but it was good after all.

The Stew Of Life: I never made a review of this series, I totally forgot and I couldn't be bothered afterwards, If i have time and CAN be bothered, then I might. Anyway, this series was long, I don't think they had to make it 30 eps really... I enjoyed watching Fala scenes. Rest was boring... Christine was okay too.

Just love II: This series was okay. Not bad, I anticipated for it because Selena was in it. Too bad she was only a guestrole. Nothing much to comment about.

The King of Snooker: This was okay too, well all of them were okay. This series made me wanted to play Snooker a lot. Same happened to my friend. I'd like to try it some day.

D.I.E Again: It wasn't TOO disappointing like other sequels. This one is actually quite okay. Unlikes BF3 =.=" Liked the addition of Macy and Him Law into the D.I.E crew. Law Sir was one funny character too, so is Ko Sir!! XDD

The Greatness Of A Hero: Warehoused... wasn't THAT bad.. why'd they warehouse it. Though I didn't watch the FULL thing... it wasn't too bad but I didn't like it.

A Great Way to Care: I think this one was good, why'd they warehouse THIS? But Kate and Alex.. LOL... Age difference.. I enjoyed watching Raymond Wong and Vivien Yeo and most! XD

The Gem Of Life: I was gonna put this in the okay but then I thought, it wasn't that good and less the bad so I decided to put it in ^^ LOL. I actually missed a lot of episodes in between... But I don't think I'll still like the series...

The Threshold Of Persona: BORING BORING BORING!!! Can't believe it.. why are all the boring series so llooonnnggg?!??!? This AND BF3... =.="

Burning Flames III: As I said before, this is a very very boring series to me. They totally stuffed this up. Wong Hei's character is fully crapped up.

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